Delivery of materials

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( UPDATED 19.11.2020 )


MTV Oy’s TV channels

Commercials must be delivered via Spotgate service ( by 14:00 on weekdays, allowing one working day between delivery day and broadcasting day.

Please check exceptions in the material delivery schedules before holidays etc.

MTV Oy accepts no liability for any errors in transmission, if the commercial is not delivered as described above. 


Aspect ratio 16:9 (anamorphic). Detailed information:

Delivery of showing instructions

Showing instructions must always be sent in writing to by 14:00 on weekdays, including the number of the advertisement or the SpotgatelD.

Showing instructions must be delivered to MTV Mediapalvelu allowing one working day between delivery day and broadcasting day. MTV Oy accepts no liability for any error in transmission if showing instructions are not delivered as described above.

Broadcast errors

lf a broadcast error occurs for which MTV is responsible for, the method and amount of compensation will be separately agreed on. The maximum compensation for erroneous broadcast will be corresponding airtime, or not invoicing for the advertisement that was transmitted erroneously. Complaints concerning the broadcasted ad spot must be made in writing within 8 days of the broadcasting date.  

Broadcast rights and discharge from liability

The advertiser is responsible for obtaining ownership and/or user rights for commercials along with the necessary copyright, patent and other such rights. The advertiser is responsible for the rights of the commercials so that they can be broadcasted by MTV Oy to different types of receivers as part of simultaneous and unaltered TV broadcasts, using different transmission techniques. MTV Oy holds the right to change the times when a commercial is shown or to interrupt a campaign if special reasons require, without any obligation to provide compensation.

After a commercial has been broadcasted for the first time, MTV Oy has the right to use the commercial for demonstration, training and research purposes unless the advertiser forbids this in writing.


Content of a TV commercial

The advertiser is responsible for the content of commercials. Commercials must comply with laws, statutes, the International Code of Advertising, and the regulations set by the Consumer Ombudsman and other officials. Commercials for pharmaceutical products must be submitted for preliminary inspection to the lnspection Board of Pharma lndustry Finland (PIF).

MTV Oy is not liable for any costs incurred as a result of a commercial not complying with official regulations. MTV Oy reserves the right to postpone the broadcasting of a commercial or to cancel a campaign, should reasons relating to the content so require, without any liability to provide compensation.

Products and services that cannot be advertised

  • tobacco products

  • pharmaceuticals or medical treatments available only with prescription

  • alcohol (over 22 %)

Products and services with restrictions in advertising

  • content harmful to children (limitations concerning the time of the day)

  • alcohol (under 22 %); allowed after 22:00

  • adult entertainment services, chat and dating lines etc.

  • gambling games

Instructions For Sponsorship Identifiers (PDF)

mtv VOD service, and MTV Video Network

We recommend delivering the materials for MTV Video advertising via Spotgate service ( The materials can also be delivered by email to

Finished material for MTV’s video advertising and URL for the ad must be delivered three (3) working days before the campaign start.

Technical details: MTV instream

  • File formats: MP4 or MOV (H.264)

  • Video size: 1920 x 1080 pixels

  • 25 frames per second

  • Stereo audio 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz

  • Sound levels: EBU R128 standard -23 LUFS for loudness must be followed

  • Video bitrate: 8 000 - 16 000 kbps

  • Audio bitrate: 384 kbps

  • The materials can be delivered by email to

In interactive ads the only allowed standard is VPAID 2.0 (not VPAID 1.0).

Technical details: MTV Uutiset Article Video (outstream)

  • File format: MP4 (also VAST calls allowed)

  • Video file size: max 5 MB

  • Video ratio depends on the ad product: landscape 16:9 (works in all devices), or mobile vertical 9:16

  • 24 frames per second

  • Video duration 5-30 s, longer durations +10 % extra fee

  • The materials can be delivered by email to


VAST media agency calls

The material can be deliverd as VAST call in

When delivering material as VAST call or a campaign is bought via programmatic buying, customer needs to make sure that:

  • A tag delivers only a high-quality MP4 file

  • Other formats must be turned off 

  • Recommendable size is 1024x576

  • Video bitrate: applications max 1 500 kbps, desktop max 2 000 kbps

  • In order to user experience not declining due to different sound levels between content and ad, EBU R128 standard -23 LUFS for loudness must be followed

  • A call must be fully SSL (https) compatible

  • Advertising call does not include VPAID files

Pause ad

  • File format: .png or .jpg

  • Dimensions: 1280x720

  • Maximum size of a file: 200 Kb

  • Transparent layer blocks will be placed on top of the ad, containing a close button either in the upper right- or left-hand corner (depending on the device), and play button on the bottom left-hand corner

  • Ad may contain one target URL for advertiser’s page

  • The materials can be delivered by email to

Information to be included in the email:

  • possible SG number, video file in MP4 or MOV (H.264), or a VAST call

  • name of customer and campaign

  • campaign period

  • any necessary ad-specific instructions

  • URL for possible target page. One URL / ad.


Interactive video ads (desktop)

Materials for interactive executions

  • Brand logo, fonts, color codes (min. resolution 1920x1080)

  • Product images (min. resolution 1920x1080)

  • Desired messages / texts

  • Alternatively a finished PSD file (min. resolution 1920x1080)

  • Video spot MP4 or MOV file or Spotgate code (min. 1920x1080 @ 10Mbps)

  • URL or trackings

When planning an interactive ad or other special format, please contact