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( UPDATED 13.06.2024 )


This fall, MTV’s programming features the most popular entertainment, lifestyle and drama series as well as the most exciting sports content, along with news and current events on hot topics. Get to know the most eye-catching programming with the highest reach in the coming fall!


Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa remains one of the most anticipated TV events of the fall! The new star students and teachers will take to the floor in September. The engaging reality adventure series Myyrä makes an awaited return with the help of 11 celebrity contestants. Masked Singer Suomi will be featured in the fall programming, bigger than ever before. Which celebrities will put themselves in the limelight in breathtaking musical performances, and who is behind the mask?

Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa
starting September 1, MTV Katsomo, MTV3
The flashiest entertainment event of the fall is here again! The winner of several Golden Venla awards and favorite among all Finns, Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa will take to the dancefloor in September featuring new star pairs. Many beloved artists, entertainment celebrities and, of course, top athletes had the courage to join. No one wants to miss out on their first steps on the parquet! In their familiar place beside the dancefloor, the stern but gentle trio of Finnish dance royalty, Jukka Haapalainen, Helena Ahti-Hallberg and Jorma Uotinen, will once again provide their sharp analysis and words of encouragement to the star couples. Fans can also be dazzled by the host duo Vappu Pimiä and Ernest Lawson, who will take the helm of the fall’s biggest entertainment ship with familiar confidence.
Masked Singer Suomi
starting August 31, MTV Katsomo, MTV3
The beloved and exhilarating Masked Singer Suomi will fill Saturday evenings this fall with music, hints and crazy guesswork. Masked Singer has continued to grow for its sixth season – the characters are taller, wider, appear more than ever before and try to trick the detectives with unprecedented effort. Maria Veitola, Benjamin Peltonen, Jenni Poikelus and Janne Kataja, who will continue as the four detectives, will also get to dive deeper into their conspiracy theories and reasoning than before, as the length of the episodes has increased to ninety minutes for the whole the season. In addition to at least 12 new characters, the new season will feature some amazing surprise performers and themed episodes around Halloween and the Eurovision Song Contest. The figures are will duet with front-row stars Erika Vikman, Sara Siipola, Kasmir and Konsta Hietanen, who will know just as little about the real identity of the characters as everyone else! The Masked Singer Suomi season will culminate in a special Christmas episode, in which the guessing will turn to three brand new Christmas-themed characters and the characters will perform evergreen Christmas classics.
in September, MTV Katsomo, MTV3
The world’s smartest competition reality show Myyrä returns to MTV with its fourth season. In the show, 11 celebrity personalities embark on an unforeseen adventure with host Roope Salminen in the lead. The new season is full of awesome missions and a tough psychological game that will end with both competitors and spectators finding out who among the celebrity competitors will win and who has always been the undercover Myyrä. The objective of Myyrä is for the contestants to use their intelligence, tactical skills and courage to raise money for a shared prize pot. However, the goal is hampered by the Myyrä, a secret double agent within the group whose goal is to sabotage the missions and keep the prize pot as small as possible. This time, the ten mole hunters and one mole will include actors, musicians, athletes, TV celebrities and social media stars.
In September, Roope Salminen will also host the show Myyrä: Johtolangat, in which twists of the latest episode are analyzed in order to find out the identity of the Myyrä. The show will feature new material from the shoots of the main show. The competitor to have dropped out of the race last will come in to give their take on the events of the latest episode.


The superbly charming Maajussille morsian will also be featured on MTV in the fall of 2024. Ensitreffit alttarilla, a pillar of the love genre, is also out to help out Cupid with its new season. In Bachelor Suomi we will find out if Los Angeles-based director Joonas Kenttämies will find his dream partner. The new season of the iconic show will be hosted by Shirly Karvinen!

Bachelor Suomi
later in the fall, MTV Katsomo, MTV3
The Bachelor is the most iconic and longest-running dating show, which has created many love stories around the world. Joonas, the new Finnish Bachelor, is looking for the love of his life. Although he lives abroad, his roots are firmly in Finland. Joonas embarks on his adventure for love with curious attitude and filled with hope that the Right One will hear the call and that they would eventually meet each other. The unique adventure of love that is Bachelor Suomi is hosted by the warm Shirly Karvinen. "I love love and am honored to host this iconic love show. There are certainly big emotions ahead and I can't wait to let everyone dive into this love bubble together from their own sofa this fall," says Shirly Karvinen.
Maajussille morsian
starting August 26, MTV Katsomo, MTV3
The great love reality show is back! Many love stories have begun in this show and once again everything is possible. Wedding bells have rung for many, and the number of children is up to 23. The 17th season of Maajussille morsian will again feature the journey of four farmers, looking for the love of their lives. The show will once again crisscross Finland from Finland Proper to North Ostrobothnia and Savo. The farmers are looking for a partner for daily tasks as well as for sharing festive moments. There is no need for a farmhand, but an interest and understanding of the activities related to rural life is an important characteristic in a prospective partner. Many also dream of starting a family to bring happiness and continuity to their lives. There season will also feature a reform as the farmers will travel to new locations to meet candidates. The show is hosted by Vappu Pimiä. In addition, having found its way to the hearts of audiences last season and also hosted by Vappu Pimiä, the show Maajussi: Kaikki tarinat will come back in September with a new season of stories from the four farmers. In addition to the traditional speed and group dates, the season will feature more one-on-one time between the farmers and the candidates. There will be both growing emotions and surprises as the letters materialize and the farmers meet the candidates. In the manor atmosphere, emotions will run high and by the end the farmers will face a difficult decision. Who is the right one?
Ensitreffit alttarilla
in September, MTV Katsomo, MTV3
Ensitreffit alttarilla is back to conquer our hearts! In the 11th season of the show, six singles put their whole lives on the line by giving up the power of love to experts in the hope of finding true love. The task remains to say “I do” to a completely unknown person at the altar and get married on the spot. After the wedding, three new couples, who do not know each other, will experience the peaks and valleys of a relationship at rapid speed, as daily routines and heaps of clothes on the floor begin to reveal what the other really is like. Seeing the couples’ emotional storms and compromises, the viewer can also reflect their own behavior in the complicated web of human relations. Luckily, support, safety and good advice are available. As before, a trio of experts will help the participants find their way on the path of love: couples therapist Hanna Myllymaa, psychotherapist Tapani Alanen and, of course, pastor Kari Kanala.


MTV’s shows provide a peak to varied life stories. An interesting new arrival Someäidit takes a look at the lives of influencer moms, behind the social media posts. Another newcomer is Arman Alizad’s controversial documentary series Arman ja 7 kuolemansyntiä. Interesting stories also play a big part of the returning series Sukuni salat, where people like President Alexander Stubb get to know their family heritage.

Sukuni salat
in September, MTV Katsomo, MTV3
In the third season of the series Sukuni salat, we explore the secrets of the family history of Finland’s most beloved stars, filled with surprises and shedding new light on their identities. Getting to know relatives from the past is not always easy and emotions run high. This season, the root trips take us from Kristiina to Kuopio and from Ruotsinpyhtää to Virginia. In the opening episode, President Alexander Stubb takes a closer look at the secrets of his family.
Meidän remppa
in September, MTV Katsomo, MTV3
In the new show Meidän remppa, we follow ordinary Finnish home renovators creating their dream home for themselves in the midst of a busy everyday life. The objective for all four renovations is to be ready by Christmas, but unexpected surprises will test the schedules, budgets and the mindset of the renovators. Renovation expert Niko Roschier follows up on the progress of the projects.
starting August 14, MTV Katsomo
The new show Someäidit follows the lives of beloved, envied and controversial social media influencer mothers. The interesting persons that the show will focus on will be announced at a later date. All of the wonderful social media moms will open up about their lives through material they themselves shoot as well as interviews carried out for the show. The show is a cross-section of what it is like to be a social media influencer and a mother. There will be snags, conflict, love and honesty with no filter – moments you’ve never seen on Instagram and stories you’ll never read about even on Jodel.
Arman ja 7 kuolemansyntiä
later in the fall, MTV Katsomo, MTV3
Arman Alizad’s new seven-part documentary series takes the viewer to the ends of the world to find out what humanity is doing right and wrong. As a result of technological and scientific advances human influence in the world has become so widespread that in 2008, Archbishop Gianfranco Girrotti of the Vatican named the new deadly sins of the modern world. Humans have driven the world close to end times with drug wars, climate change, poverty and greed. This concern is global. Each episode of the series focuses on one of the sins of today’s world and asks if it truly is a sin. Arman Alizad unpacks the root causes of the problem and its solutions.
Suomalainen menestysresepti
later in the fall, MTV Katsomo, MTV3
The show Suomalainen menestysresepti will once again offer viewers interesting product development journeys that culminate in tangible products available in grocery stores all over Finland. In the show, passionate competitors go through a variety of stages with their recipes to develop food ideas into new hit products. The competitors are also evaluated and encouraged to achieve the best possible result by the experienced jury of judges: Jyrki Sukula, Jukka Kurttila, Sampo Päällysaho and Suvi Luoma.


Juniori Suurmestari promises cheerful moments as children take over! One of the most popular quiz programs, Stadi vs. Lande will once again pit countryside people and urbanites against each other in a new, reformed team. Suomen kaunein koti is all about delightful interior design solutions, and the jury is undergoing a transformation.

Suomen kaunein koti
in September, MTV Katsomo, MTV3
Like before, Suomen kaunein koti will take viewers to 30 beautiful homes all over Finland. The show will feature villas over a century old, new and modern wooden houses, ecological approaches and stunning design. In the new season, journalist Hanna Sumari will be joined on the coming summer’s travels by new, respected jury colleagues. They choose 10 finalists from among the destinations, and spectators vote for the winner of the whole season. The winner will win 10,000 euros to realize their own interior design dreams.
Stadi vs. Lande
in September, MTV Katsomo, MTV3
The city and countryside meet again! The new season brings with it a new host, as Jaska Saariluoma is joined by Joonas Nordman from Pori. Once again, a group of competitors from all over Finland, including celebrities are vying for a holiday far away. In addition, Stadi vs. Lande will feature the first battle between two cities in the show’s history.
Kuokkavieras Kataja
later in the fall, MTV Katsomo, MTV3
Janne Kataja with his team, cameraman Hannu Pyyhtiä and soundman Sami Auru, are again visiting people all over Finland. The trio will spend 42 hours in each episode in one location without a penny of money and are forced to manage with the hospitality of the locals. In the second season of the show, the visitors will end up in the outhouse of a castle, a tractor factory, where Janne spent his childhood summers with his grandmother and staying the night with Riitta Väisänen. The program is full of fun, meaningful and touching encounters with ordinary Finns, whose homes and lives the guests pop into without warning.
Juniori Suurmestari
later in the fall, MTV Katsomo, MTV3
This year, also children get to perform the unique tasks of Suurmestari, as MTV airs Juniori Suurmestari. The basic idea of the show is the same as with adults: the participants compete in tasks by the Suurmestari that require brains, skills and wit. In Juniori Suurmestari, enthusiastic, independent and creative children aged 10–13 get to show that the skill of discovery is not a question of age. As usual, the tasks are carried out at the Suurmestari’s mansion, and the competitors performances are reviewed at the studio, where the Suurmestari rewards them points. In the final episode, one of the talented juniors will be crowned the winner of Finland’s first Juniori Suurmestari. Jaakko Saariluoma will, of course, play the role of Suurmestari, and Pilvi Hämäläinen his right-hand woman.
Masterchef Suomi: Joulu
later in the fall, MTV Katsomo, MTV3
MasterChef Suomi: In the Christmas competition, eight celebrities compete for the Golden Whisk. Over three episodes, the contestants create enchanting Christmas dishes with their own personal touch. The season is full of mini-tasks with unprecedented benefits for winners. The Christmas treats will be judged by Helena Puolakka, Henri Alén and Kape Aihinen.
Kummit Live: Elämä lapselle concert
in September, MTV Katsomo, MTV3
The Kummit Live: Elämä Lapselle charity concert invites support forces from all over Finland to promote children’s health. The highly emotional charity evening is broadcast live and is filled with fantastic performances from Finland’s most popular artists, touching patient stories, and up-to-date information and impactful actions to promote children’s health.


The domestic action series Konflikti is surely the main event of MTV’s fall when it comes to drama series. The spectacular and exciting series comes from the successful director Aku Louhimies. Roba, the popular police series, is back with an anticipated new season.

later in the fall, MTV Katsomo+, MTV Katsomo, MTV3
MTV’s new series Konflikti is a modern action series about an attack on Finland. A small Finnish coastal town is getting ready to celebrate midsummer when unknown mercenaries take over the area. The objective and origin of the hijackers is unknown. They pose demands to the Finnish state. The entire society is confronted with questions, such as: How should we proceed? What are we ready to sacrifice? The action series is directed by Aku Louhimies, who has also written the series together with Andrei Alén, author Helena Immonen and screenwriter Jari Olavi Rantala. The set designer for the series is Hollywood filmmaker and Oscar nominee Heather Loeffler. The series is edited by Ben Mercer, who has edited several major films, and composer Lasse Enersen is responsible for the music. Acclaimed actors of the series include Peter Franzén, Sara Soulié, Pirkka-Pekka Petelius and Julia Korpinen. Other national and international actors will be announced later.
in September, MTV Katsomo+
Roba tells survival stories of police officers in the heart of Helsinki, torn between publicity and the pressures of work. The first season of the series aired in 2012. The theme of the sixth season is the relationship of police with citizen disobedience. A season-long story begins when Roba’s police officers provide security at a climate-related demonstration. A group of aggressive counter protesters arrive and the atmosphere on the activist-occupied street winds up, but in the end it is a police who ends making a significant misjudgment in the chaotic situation. The result is a riot that spirals out of control – and leaves its mark on everyone. Roba’s acclaimed actresses include Kari Hietalahti, Leena Pöysti, Riku Nieminen, Tiina Lymi, Andrei Alén, Alex Anton, Annika Aapalahti, Mari Perankoski, Ilari Johansson and Rauno Ahonen.
Salatut elämät
starting August 9, MTV Katsomo, MTV3
Truth is a highly valued asset on Pihlajakatu. It comes, dominates and forces change. Whereas you can always find a new friend, an old friendship can end in an instant with a declaration of war. Love is but a passing fancy, but it can still cause endless bitterness and rekindle old flames. Love can also be found in very surprising places and one can suddenly feel it towards an entirely unexpected person. Does it help to keep one’s good fortune a secret? A ring there, a ring here, but even if you get one on your finger and the wedding bells ring, you may still have to give up a lot, perhaps something bigger than life. Some people seem to accrue a lot of wealth, but does money bring luck or just an endless mess?
With an MTV Katsomo+ subscription, the Salkkarit fall will start on Friday August 9, and on MTV3 on Monday August 12.
starting August 23, MTV Katsomo+, MTV Katsomo
The sixth production season of Rantabaari, which has entertained people on MTV Katsomo during the summer, continues for MTV Katsomo+ subscribers on August 23 after a short break. The main characters’ summer days, parties and drama will be available free of charge again starting on August 26.
in September, MTV3, MTV Katsomo
The original MTV series Estonia will be shown for free on MTV Katsomo and MTV3 in the fall. Estonia is the story of the disaster onboard the car-ferry Estonia, based on the investigation reports. The framing story follows, through several different people, the phases of the accident investigation launched in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Events on the ferry are also wound into the story. The visually impressive series will include the sinking of Estonia and the rescue operations.


Huomenta Suomi will run through the summer and continue seven days a week in the fall. Viiden jälkeen will take a breather during the summer, and the good-humored news program will return to weekday early evenings starting on August 12. Rikospaikka will return in September with new episodes of recent criminal cases and interesting old ones. Kymmenen uutiset and Seitsemän uutiset will serve people hungry for new all year round, 365 days a year.


MTV sportive fall offers top sports from domestic and international arenas. In Liiga, the hockey season will have an exceptionally interesting start. Kiekko-Espoo debuts as a new team in the series, the way of playing is also being revamped. MTV’s comprehensive Liiga programming is crowned by Hockey Night Perjantai, aired during prime-time on MTV3. There is also weekly follow-up of matches in the NHL and Mestis for those with a hankering for hockey.

The football Champions League is also undergoing massive changes. The revamped series format will feature 36 of Europe’s best club teams. For the viewers, the reforms promise up to 50% more matches. Rally fans, on the other hand, will enjoy the highly contested Rally World Cup, which will culminate in Japan in November.

Next fall, MTV Sub will air more live sports broadcasts than before, and offer a more expansive look at what MTV Katsomo has to offer to all sports fans. Weekly live sports broadcasts on MTV Sub and MTV3:

Hockey Night Perjantai on MTV3 every week starting in September.
The opening ice hockey match of women’s Liiga at MTV Sub on Friday September 6.
Monthly coverage of Mestis on MTV Sub starting in September.
Weekly coverage of NHL on MTV Sub starting in October.
Other sports
UEFA Super Cup on MTV3 Wed August 14 .
Monthly coverage of NFL on MTV Sub starting in September. Four matches will also be played in Europe.
UEFA Nations League matches on Sat September 7, Mon October 14 and Sun November 17 .
The finale of the Diamond League season from Brussels on MTV Sub on Saturday September 14.
The opening of every World Cup Rally on MTV Sub and the Power Stage as the culmination of the rally on a rally studio on MTV3.
MTV Katsomo+ sports programming
MTV Katsomo+ Sports subscribers will also receive all Liiga and Mestis matches, Swiss league and SHL, Football Champions League, La Liga, and all UEFA Nations League matches (excl. Finnish matches), six live NFL matches per week, ATP tennis and a wide range of motorsports, including all special stages in the World Rally Championship, the European Rally Championship and the World Rally Cross and Motocross Championships.