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Kuokkavieras Kataja
starting March 20, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
What will happen when Janne Kataja, cameraman Hannu Pyyhtiä and sound recorder Sami Auru throw themselves at the mercy of Finnish hospitality? In Kuokkavieras Kataja, the trio are left in a random Finnish town, and for 42 hours they will have to rely on the locals for help. The core of the show is that there is no way of knowing what will happen next – it’s full of surprises and countless genuine and unforgettable encounters. In 10 episodes, Janne, Hannu and Sami have the opportunity to evaluate hospitality in every corner of Finland, from Kemi to Sauvo and from Kauhava to Pirkkala. They go on adventures on land, sea, air and ice, sit down for cups of coffee with members of the Martha Organization, firefighters and local youngsters, beg for showers, toothbrushes, lunches, places to spend the night and theater tickets, get to know local artists and cultural destinations, sights and companies and hear countless stories. At the end of each trip, it’s time to estimate the town’s hospitality and hand to the municipality’s representatives a plaque commemorating the visit.
Muodin huipulle
starting February 2, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Muodin huipulle returns to create a new star at the top of the fashion world. Ten talented fashion designers not only compete but also develop their skills in intensive challenges. In the challenges, a top professional mentor guides the fashion designers, and it’s always worth listening to their advice! In addition to the jury made up of a dazzling host and a fashion expert, the outfits are judged by interesting and challenge-specific guest judges. The Muodin huipulle challenges are in keeping with the times: the themes also take into account sustainable design, which does not make creativity any less fun but only adds depth to fashion design. The season culminates in the finalists’ fashion show that will reveal whose vision and skills will help them climb to the top of the fashion world.
Unelma-asunto Espanjasta
starting February 8, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Have you ever dreamed of owning a small piece of Andalusia in Spain? When waking up to yet another winter day, have you ever felt like you could start this day somewhere else, say, under the Mediterranean sun? We’re now making those dreams come true! Unelma-asunto Espanjasta is an experimental lifestyle show in which Finnish couples, friends and families set out on a quest to find their dream apartment in the Costa del Sol. In finding their dream apartment, the participants will be helped by local real estate agent stars Kirsi Oras and Markus Aho, who have years of experience in the Costa del Sol property market.
starting April 18, MTV Katsomo
Fleksaajat is an expedition into Finnish flexing culture. In this show, hosts Seksikäs-Suklaa and MolyBros set out to find Finland’s toughest flexers with the most extravagant lifestyle and no shame about it. They flex on, for example, clothes, shoes, boats and watches. During the season, we will meet fashion experts and collectors, spend a day with a multi-millionaire and learn about digital flexing of the future.
Studio Pääskysaari
starting April 9, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Created and hosted by Jenni Pääskysaari, Studio Pääskysaari is a series of in-depth interviews in which the life of a celebrity flashes right before our eyes. In every episode, Jenni invites a famous Finn to Studio Pääskysaari for a photography session and a chat, and we can see them grow in front of our eyes, from childhood to adulthood with the help of photographs selected from their life. We see flashes from behind the public persona and hear stores behind the familiar stories that we have heard a thousand times. We understand which moments, people, choices, successes and disappointments have made the guest into the people they are today, just now, eternalized in this moment.
Samalla rahalla
starting April 19, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Samalla rahalla is a series in which Finns get to try out what it would be like to live in their dream home but in a town they don’t know. With the help of host Ile Uusivuori and real estate agent Marika Holländer, different home-seekers learn about three different apartments, choose the one they like the best without knowing where it is, and move there for a week. When the week is over, they will decide if they want to make the trial home their permanent home. On the series’ first season, the home-seekers include an extended family with eight members from three different generations looking to move in under one roof, a family with children with a father who is scared even at the thought of leaving Helsinki, a teacher not willing to retire and who wants to turn their life upside down once more, and a young couple with two dogs that can’t stay in the same space.
Ihanat siirtolapuutarhat
later in the spring, MTV Katsomo and AVA
Ihanat siirtolapuutarhat is a feel-good show in which Nicke Lignell visits different allotments and discovers how Finns spend the summer and enjoy cottage life. But there’s no time to relax in the hammock as every episode features small repair work on the cottage and allotment. Anyone can use these tips in their own yard or cottage. While working, we will also have the opportunity to see the treasures in people’s gardens. They don’t hide only beautiful rose gardens but also different useful plants and peppery chilis, for example. Each allotment has its own unique characteristics, stories and histories.


starting January 21, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Starting in January, Finland’s most popular comedy show Putous will fill Saturday nights with guaranteed laughs for the entire family. The live shows will be chock-full of sketches, improv, music and a plenty of surprises in true Putous style. This season, six actors will take to Saturday night’s most watched stage. Both Putous veterans and a selection of new stars will jump aboard this entertainment rollercoaster. The show’s 15th season is a mix of something old and something new. In addition to familiar and beloved sections, this season will include plenty of surprises and boldly seize topical issues and phenomena, too. The high point of the season will be the 15th sketch-comedy character competition that will once again present viewers with a dazzling array of new characters and catchphrases.
later in the spring, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
An instant classic hosted by Janne Kataja, Kuutamolla is returning to screens for its fourth season, and it will again be impossible to avoid hearing unbelievable true stories and outright lies. In every episode, three guests tell each other two true stories and a lie. Contestants and the audience must guess which is a tall tale. Who will manage to fool them all and who won’t have a clue?
Stadi vs. Lande
starting January 21, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Stadi vs. Lande is a game show for the whole family, packed with fun and humor: city- and country-dwellers compete against each other in a playful competition. In this quiz, Finland is divided in two along Ring Road III. Two teams from south of the Ring Road will represent Helsinki, or the city, and two teams from north of the border will represent the Country. The questions deal with different parts of Finland, so city-dwellers will have to answer questions about the countryside and those who live in the countryside will have their knowledge of Helsinki put to the test. Ultimately, only one team will make it to the final round to snatch terrific travel prizes. Again this season, the Helsinki team is supported by Jaakko Saariluoma and Kalle Lamberg is proud to represent the countryside.
Ota rahat ja juokse
starting January 27, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Ota rahat ja juokse returns with an all-celebrity season! Hosted by Eero Ettala, the contestants have an hour to hide a briefcase with 10,000 euros inside. They have a car and some money to spend to get equipment that will help them hide the briefcase. After the hour has passed, they are caught and taken into custody where interrogations and the search for the briefcase can begin. The hidden money briefcases are hunted down by interrogation and investigation experts Ari Huhtinen, Kari Laari, Kristiina Komulainen and Mikko Raula, who have 30 hours to find out where the briefcases are hidden. If they cannot find it in 30 hours, the contestants can keep the money. Will celebrity contestants succeed in hiding the money briefcases and will they break under pressure in interrogation? Let’s fight fire with fire as there are 10,000 euros on the line!
Yökylässä Maria Veitola
starting February 2, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The Golden Venla prize winner Yökylässä Maria Veitola returns! The eighth season of the show will again feature new famous Finns, whose homes and lives Maria Veitola will get to know. Overnight trips take Maria to every corner of Finland, and even beyond Finland’s borders. You’re in for intimate, bold discussions, human encounters and fun, surprising moments.
Laulu rakkaudelle: Secret Song Finland
starting February 5, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Laulu rakkaudelle: Secret Song Finland is back! Laulu rakkaudelle is a music show that shares warmth and creates unforgettable experiences through stellar musical performances. In the heart of the surprise is a secret favorite song of the person being surprised. It can be a ballad that has traveled with them for years, a megahit that always cheers them up or a disco beat with a hidden message. We dive deeper than ever into the stories behind these secret power songs, and host Marja Hintikka’s gentle touch guides us through rushes of emotion and fits of laughter. The third season of this emotion-packed music show is brimming with surprising celebrity encounters and secrets that will finally be brought to light. We will hear stories about a brother who has always been there, a friendship continuing after hardships, an athlete whose accomplishments and actions change the world and a music legend whose influence has continued for over a decade. We will hear new love songs and old classics, rocking and rolling like we’ve never seen before and exceptionally beautiful encounters. In its new season, Laulu rakkaudelle will create memories that won’t be easily forgotten.
Pitääkö olla huolissaan?
starting February 5, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Pitääkö olla huolissaan? will again serve a full plate of inaction. This year, too, Finns have packed our mailbox with their concerns and it’s high time the panelists respond to them. Either directly or ambiguously. In last season’s last episode, we saw how Kari Hotakainen threw his papers on the floor and became a pensioner. Nothing could be better because Hotakainen will be replaced, with her own papers, by Finland’s top comic Pirjo Heikkilä! And for those who are worried about the changed seating order, don’t be alarmed: we assure you that Heikkilä will sit where Hotakainen used to sit. Other than that, nothing has changed except for people’s concerns. In addition to Pirjo Heikkilä, responses to concerns will be dished out by the funniest fiction writers Tuomas Kyrö, Miika Nousiainen and Jenni Pääskysaari as well as a bunch of other guests.
MasterChef Suomi
starting February 7, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The new season of MasterChef Suomi offers even more exciting cooking challenges and greater surprises to viewers and contestant alike. This season, 10 talented home cooks embark on the flavor journey of their life, on which they will challenge their knowledge and skills in countless way, meet bright culinary stars and learn lessons and find inspiration from the absolute tops of the trade. Continuing as judges are Kari Aihinen, Helena Puolakka and Henri Alén. Contestants will challenge their technical expertise with classic dishes and new techniques as well as test the boundaries of their creativity with surprising ingredients and magically imaginative assignments. Home cooks will experience the joy of cooking with beloved MasterChef classics, such as Mystery Box, and new and surprising challenges. This year, the contestants will also face a pressure test that has never before been seen on MasterChef Suomi. The level of 2023 home cooks is exceptionally high, but only one can claim the title of MasterChef.
starting February 7, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Bachelor once again takes us on a journey of love. In the show, we follow a charming, handsome and emotionally intelligent bachelor who meets one stunning woman after another. The beautiful island of Crete sets the stage for romance and extreme adventure to find love. The bachelor fights for the attention, interest and, finally, heart of women, while also exploring his own emotions. Is it really possible to fall in love like this? The surprising twists and turns taking place over the season once again renew the format. We’re expecting visitors from Finland who will add a bit of glamour to the women’s villa and challenge the bachelor to reflect his choice from different perspectives during this wild experience. We’re in for infatuation, passion, the rapture of falling in love and irresistible joy from a shared experience that offers viewers escape from the tedium of daily life. Bachelor is not only a TV show. It’s a world-wide phenomenon that makes you believe in love!
Bachelor: Ruusun jälkeen
starting February 7, MTV Katsomo
Bachelor: Ruusun jälkeen is Bachelor’s own talk show in which the ladies have their say. In the show, there’s room for everything that was left unsaid and it demands explanations for whatever is perplexing viewers. Our host Mikko Parikka invites to the studio women who have been on the show and opens up discussions about the events that took place off-camera. We will also hear what the eliminated women thought about when they didn’t get a rose and what is going on with them now. We will also see familiar faces from last season! In this new season, we will dive deeper than ever before and hear what the women whisper behind closed doors. Whose relationship is not what it seems and who is giving the performance of their life when the bachelor is present? We will get to see the rougher and bolder side of our stunning ladies in the moments in which they don’t have to impress anyone. You’re in for jealousy, frustration and broken hearts, but also friendship, fun and love.
later in the spring, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Aarrepaja’s doors are open again! It’s once again time to put beloved and memorable items worn out by time and now in poor condition on a pedestal and restore them to the former glory they deserve. Most of us have items with sentimental value beyond measure because they come with memories we never want to forget. In Aarrepaja, old and broken but so significant items get the care they deserve and a new life in the appreciative and skilled hands of artisans. Items to be restored on Aarrepaja’s second season include a jukebox, a 200-year-old clock, KISS action figures that actually music and war correspondence that the owners want to preserve so it can be read by future generations. The series will again be hosted by the amiable and sunny lady of Aarrepaja, Jenni Pääskysaari.
starting March 18, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Suurmestari is a surprisingly unusual entertainment show in which contestants compete for the favor of Suurmestari in unique tasks. Jaakko Saariluoma will again be the undisputed Suurmestari, and Pilvi Hämäläinen the judge who always takes her role appropriately seriously. The tasks will again move creatively in all areas of surrealism. And there will be no exceptions to Pilvi getting caught in the game as contestants have one brilliant idea after another. This season will also feature four brilliant regular contestants and great guest stars in every episode.
LEGO Masters Suomi
starting April 9, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
LEGO Masters Suomi will return in spring 2023 with eight new epic episodes. In the new season, Finland’s best LEGO builders compete for a prize of €10,000 and the title of LEGO Masters Suomi. The head judge for the season will once again be Esa Nousiainen, and the brilliant Jaakko Saariluoma will continue as the host. In the show, eight teams of two will compete in challenges that are more difficult than we have ever seen before. To make it in this competition, the contestants have to demonstrate their storytelling skills, understanding of LEGO technique and creativity in their structures. As the season progresses, the challenges met by the contestants will grow more difficult and pairs will be eliminated. Who will take the title this season?
Suomen kaunein koti: kesämökit
starting April 13, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Judges familiar from Suomen kaunein koti, journalist Hanna Sumari, architect Sini Rainio and interior design architect Tero Pennanen travel through sunny Finland in search of Finland’s most beautiful summer house for 2023. Together with the trio of judges, viewers will learn about summer houses designed for different purposes, all the way from simple cottages to villas with all the mod cons, as well as interesting architecture and stunning scenery in the changing summer weather. The new Suomen kaunein koti: The Kesämökit season will serve up something to suit the tastes of different kinds of Finnish cottage life lovers and present different and unique summer house dreams, from renovated small and cute cottages to holiday houses in use throughout the year.
Maajussille morsian maailmalla
starting April 13, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The Maajussille morsian maailmalla series gets a long-awaited new season as four new, brave farmers from all around Europe are looking for love in Finland. In the series’ second season, we will meet Francesco from Italy who has fallen head over heels for Finland, Sinan from Turkey who has previously lived in Finland, Asgeir from Norway who knows Finland through his Finnish ex-wife, and the Finland Swedish Anni who has lived in Iceland for already three decades. How can you find a partner overseas and what kinds of cultural differences will the farmers encounter? And how will Finnish women and men adjust to country life in another European country? The new season of Maajussille morsian maailmalla will be packed with surprises for the farmers, prospective partners and viewers alike. How far will Cupid’s arrow travel this time? We will find out in spring 2023! The show is hosted by Vappu Pimiä.
Love Island Suomi
later in the spring, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Love Island Suomi is returning and it’s better than ever! Love Island has undergone a total transformation, and twists and turns, romances and the new seaside villa are already awaiting singles to arrive for the best time of their life. Under the hot Spanish sun, you’ll also get burned by love when the new islands get caught up with love and decisions that couldn’t be any more difficult. To really catch alight, love often requires a little gasoline and, thankfully, viewers can show off their skills as Cupid for the islanders with the help of the Love Island Suomi application. So sit tight and let the waves of Love Island Suomi transport you to new romances, friendships and fun!


The Golden Venla Gala
January 20, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Awards for the best television programs of 2022 and their creators are presented in a live gala in the Finnish National Opera’s Alminsali. MTV will broadcast the gala live.
Jussi Gala
March 24, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The best Finnish films of 2022 will receive Jussi prizes on Friday, March 24, 2023, at the Jussi Gala in Cable Factory, Helsinki. Jussi Gala will be broadcast live on MTV3 and MTV Katsomo.


Salatut elämät
starting January 23, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Quick weddings and recouplings are everyday life on Pihlajakatu. The only thing that is for certain is that not everyone is for everyone when Cupid shoots his arrows with automatic fire, reaching also imaginative targets. Laitela’s anger boils over, but we will have to wait and see what will stick to the pan and what will burn. Patients flow in and out of the hospital, and there’s a constant need for the services of the correctional services. Who will now run out of money and nerves, faith and hope, and what will happen then?
starting January 27, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Starting February, original C More series Harjunpää can be seen on MTV Katsomo and MTV3. The series takes its viewers into criminal investigations that are strongly anchored in modern-day Finland. In Helsinki, Detective Sergeant Timo Harjunpää and his partner Onerva Nykänen try to live normal family lives and find that even when they are off duty it is hard to forget about the crimes they encounter. The series will star Olli Rahkonen and Olga Temonen.
starting February 6, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
Original C More series Kämppikset presents a tight-knit community of two generations living in a shared apartment. The commune is created when a grandfather in his 70s and a granddaughter come up with a joint white lie as they both realize after Grandma’s sudden passing that they want to maintain their independence in this new situation in life. A group of Grandfather’s old friends join as housemates together with the Granddaughter’s little brother, boyfriend and friend who has suffered a lot despite their young age. The cast includes Pertti Sveholm, Eeva Litmanen, Marja Packalén, Sinikka Sokka and Jukka-Pekka Palo.


Missä olit, kun?
starting January 8, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The series Missä olit, kun? will bring back the most memorable moments when all of Finland stood still to follow the same news event. This four-episode season dives deep into the darkest day of Finnish athletic history, or the doping scandal in Lahti, and the killing of police officers in Ullanlinna that resulted in a man hunt unlike anything ever before seen in Finnish history.
starting January 9, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Starting the day, Uutisaamu will now have a longer broadcast on weekdays and extend also to weekends! The show serves up the latest twists and turns in politics, daily topics and the most entertaining guests.
Viiden jälkeen
starting January 9, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
From Monday to Friday, Viiden jälkeen enlightens and entertains viewers in Finland’s only live afternoon show. It’s done with a fresh and casual touch but, if necessary, decision-makers are put under the spotlight and matters investigated thoroughly.
MTV Uutiset Live
every day of the year, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
MTV Uutiset Live reports on what is going on and shares the hottest topics every day of the year. You can follow the broadcast 24/7 on MTV Katsomo and as well as on MTV3 every weekday at 2.30 p.m.
starting January 18, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Rikospaikka is the only weekly current affairs show in Finland focused on crime, and it’s hosted by experienced crime reporters Pekka Lehtinen and Tiia Palmén. The show explores criminal activity through crime scenes and studio interviews. Rikospaikka shares the latest news on topical crime news and phenomena while also looking back at older criminal cases that shook Finland.
Asian ytimessä
starting February 8, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The current affairs show Asian ytimessä wraps up the most interesting topics and freshest themes on Wednesday nights. Top experts together with leaders from business and politics join the studio for interviews. The show also features in-depth stories that open up new perspectives and introduce new topics to the public discussion.
Puheenjohtajat Tommolan kanssa
later in the spring, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
In this show, Mika Tommola, best known and loved by Finns for the light-hearted sections at the end of ten o’clock news, finds out what kind of people the leaders of our political parties really are.
Suuri vaalitentti, Pääministeritentti and Tulosilta
later in the spring, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The leaders of the nine parliamentary parties will be under scrutiny in MTV’s Suuri vaalitentti. Pääministeritentti will feature Finland’s next prime minister. The show will include the leaders of the largest political parties in tough debate. The highlight of the election will be MTV’s Tulosilta, which will review the election results live as they come in.


WRC Rally
The youngest rally world champion Kalle Rovanperä will start his new season in Monte Carlo on January 19–21. Moving forward, MTV3 will follow live the climax of every rally weekend, the Power Stage, in addition to which special programs will guide viewers through the twists and turns of the rally world throughout the season. All WRC Rally stages are broadcast live with commentary in Finnish on C More.
Ice hockey lovers will be happy in the spring as MTV Katsomo, Sub and MTV3 will follow Liiga until the championship celebrations take place in May. Throughout the regular season, until March 11, games will be broadcast on Sub every Thursday, with the Match of the Month shows on MTV3 approximately once a month. During the play-offs, you will see live broadcasts on MTV’s channels. In addition, the ice hockey week will include the Monday night special show Hockey Night – Tien päällä on MTV3 and the thirty-minute Hockey Night Live broadcast on Saturday afternoon, in which we take a peek at what is happening in Liiga before that evening’s round in a live studio broadcast. All matches on Sub and MTV3 as well as Hockey Night shows will be available on MTV Katsomo. All Liiga matches are available on C More.
Ice Hockey World Championship
Starting on April 14, Finnish ice hockey lovers will be glued to their screens as MTV Katsomo, MTV3 and C More bring them the world championships being played in Finland and Latvia in April–May! The Finnish ice hockey team’s progress will be followed in the spring on MTV3 and C More.