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( UPDATED 05.08.2021 )


For marketers, MTV’s autumn offers wide and steady reach every day of the year, connected to reliable and safe content. Reserve your spot in MTV’s autumn!

Varied Entertainment Programming on Weekdays and Weekends

In the coming autumn, MTV will be the home of Finland’s most popular and impressive entertainment programs. The varied entertainment programming both on weekdays and during the weekend offers a steady reach on every day of the week. Wide reach allows you to generate interest also outside of your core target group and enable your brand to grow. Live broadcasts have their own special magic and phenomenon programs bring families and friends together in a specific moment. The varied programming ensures that every brand can find suitable content to participate in also with extensive non-standard solutions.

Game of Games Suomi

later in the autumn, MTV3 and the service

Game of Games Suomi, a fun entertainment program for the whole family, is the largest and craziest gameshow the world has ever seen – an hour and a half packed full of entertainment during which you will not be bored for a second! In every episode roughly twenty contestants are offered the chance to win the EUR 20,000 main prize, doing tricks they never could during their normal life. The program is hosted by the close friends Janne Kataja and Aku Hirviniemi.

Love Island Suomi

starting on Monday, August 16, at 21:00, AVA and service

The popular love reality show, Love Island Suomi, will continue in August even hotter and more interesting than before! This time, the home of the show will be AVA, and the episodes will be available one hour before the broadcast time on the service and C More. The unique Love Island Suomi adventure immerses the participants in games, parties and dates. Veronica Verho joins as the host of the program.


in September, MTV3 and the service

The long-term viewer favorite Posse returns to jump-start weekends with its 9th season. Aku Hirviniemi, HP Parviainen, Jarppi Leppälä, Viivi Pumpanen, Veronica Verho, Jaska Saariluoma and Kalle Lamberg do everything in their power to make every Friday filled with the well-known and comfortable as well as the new and unsafe! Get comfortable and ready to enjoy, because your Fridays have been saved!

Maajussille morsian

starting on Monday, August 23, at 20:00, MTV3 and the service

The 14th season of Maajussille morsian features male and female farmers looking for love who will provide a diverse look into countryside entrepreneurship. The season features both traditional grain farmers as well as owners of restaurants and a horse-related business. The farmers are 20–50 years old and live in different parts of Finland. The show will be hosted by Vappu Pimiä.

Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa

starting on Sunday, August 29 at 19:30, MTV3 and service

The entertainment heavyweight Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa returns to illuminate Finns’ autumn nights! The beloved judges Jukka Haapalainen, Helena Ahti-Hallberg and Jorma Uotinen can hardly wait to see the 14th season pairs show their moves on the dance floor. The program will, of course, be hosted by Finland’s most popular hosts, Vappu Pimiä and Mikko Leppilampi. The coming autumn will also feature a special Roosa nauha Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa episode that raises funds for Finnish cancer research.


starting on Monday, August 30, service only

The coming TTK season is completed by Tanssikupla, broadcast only on the MTV Service and giving viewers a peek behind the scenes of the popular dance contest for a total of 27 episodes. Expect suspense, emotions and life behind the scenes that viewers have never before had access to.

Masked Singer Suomi

starting on Saturday, August 28, MTV3 and the service

Masked Singer Suomi, the guessing program that has garnered incredible success both in Finland and abroad returns to television with 16 splendid characters vying for the highly coveted prize that is the golden mask! The new Finnish season of this format will once again feature incredible singing performances and excellent stage shows. The beloved detectives of Masked Singer Suomi will be Maria Veitola, Jenni Kokander, Christoffer Strandberg and Janne Kataja. Ile Uusivuori will host the show.

Masked Singer: Maskin takana

starting on Saturday, August 28, MTV3 and the service

The show Masked Singer: Masking takana will continue from where the Masked Singer Suomi episode ends. In this weekly special, Ile Uusivuori hosts the celebrity who last removed their mask to bare it all! The program will also visit backstage at Masked Singer.

Ensitreffit alttarilla

starting on Tuesday, August 31 at 21:00, MTV3 and the service

The beloved Ensitreffit alttarilla is coming back! Four brave couples will walk down the aisle with a stranger and go on a shared adventure together in hopes of finding a life-long relationship. The eighth season returns to the basics, with the overall themes of good daily life and commitment to the partner, surrounded by an excess of digital dating services.

Tanhupallon oma ohjelma

in September, MTV3 and the service

The beloved Tanhupallo gets her own show! This cheerful program for the whole family gives the viewer a glimpse of the basics of life from the delightful perspective of a 6 year old. Tanhupallo and Karvamato review the most important news of the week, respond to letters sent by viewers and engage in various arts and crafts. The show offers small observations, big questions and child-sized answers to them.

Yökylässä Maria Veitola

in September, MTV3 and the service

The Venla prize winner Yökylässä Maria Veitola returns! The seventh season of the show will again feature new famous Finns, whose homes and lives Maria will get to know. We will hear interesting and diverse stories, with moods varying from laughter to delicate moments.

Kaappaus keittiössä

in September, MTV3 and the service

Top chef Kari “Kape” Aihinen will again come to the rescue of Finnish home chefs with new episodes of Kaappaus keittiössä. Being picky, snacking and unbalanced diets will become a thing of the past, as Kape brings back the joy of creating to people’s kitchens and brings color and healthy, tasty foods to their plates. Let’s make the kitchen the best place in the home again, with the help of Kape!

Suomen kaunein koti

starting on Tuesday, August 31 at 20:00, MTV3 and the service

This autumn, Suomen kaunein koti will be even more beautiful, but also longer, than before! The judges, familiar from the previous seasons of the show, journalist Hanna Sumari, interior design architect Tero Pennanen and architect Sini Rainio get to peek into different and unique homes all over Finland. Towards the end of the year three special episodes Suomen kaunein koti: Joulukodit will feature homes with a Christmas feel, hosted by Hanna Sumari.

Olet mitä syöt

in September, MTV3 and the service

Celebrities’ fridges and food diaries will once again get reviewed by doctor Pippa Laukka in the new season of Olet mitä syöt. The program aims to fix the stars’ strange and shocking lifestyles, with a focus on health and well-being. In addition to stellar solo performances, the new season will also feature famous couples.

Kuokkavieras Kataja

later in the autumn, MTV3 and the service

Janne Kataja, the cameraman Hannu Pyyhtiä and sound engineer Sami Auru are on a mission: they want to find out just how hospitable various Finnish municipalities are. The group of friends will spend 36 hours in a Finnish municipality, relying only on the hospitality of the residents: places to sleep, meals, coffee and sight-seeing must all come from asking the locals. Nothing is agreed in advance, making everything that happens a genuine surprise!


later in the autumn, MTV3 and the service

We all have immeasurably valuable belongings and items. They carry with them stories that we never want to forget. This new feel-good program gives old and broken items a new lease on life to carry on memories from one generation to the next. The series is based on the incredibly popular BBC format Repair Shop that has garnered attention all over Europe. The program will be hosted by Jenni Pääskysaari.


later in the autumn, MTV3 and the service

A taxi ride is part of Finnish life for everyone from babies to grandparents, from birth to death, in celebration and daily life. Tolpalla is a new domestic series that rides with Finnish taxi drivers all over Finland, all the way from Nuorgam to Hanko. Finland’s most distinctive and funniest taxi drivers play the lead role, with many backseat stories and normal Finnish passengers featuring alongside them.

Viisi miestä viikossa

later in the autumn, Sub and the service

Viisi miestä viikossa is a new kind of dating show that is taking the world by storm and puts the woman in charge. What will happen when five men move in with a woman and show their true faces at home? One by one the men pack their bags until the most compatible housemate remains. Which of the men will ultimately capture the woman’s heart?

Domestic Drama and Comedy

Domestic drama reaches different target groups comprehensively, but especially women and young people. Scripted drama and comedy are a key part of MTV’s high-quality programming. Next autumn, MTV3 and the service will offer C More original series, such as the new Karkurit thriller series and the Venla prize winner Sunnuntailounas.

Salatut elämät

starting in August, MTV3 and the service

Salatut elämät returns in August after a summer break. This autumn, the sauna stove on Pihlajakatu is burning with the heat of love. Is the steam of just one dream partner enough for anyone anymore? In the end, uncontrolled steamy passions will always result in nothing but broken hearts and tangled relationships.


in September, MTV3 and the service

The fourth season of the C More original series Onnela will be broadcast on MTV3 and the MTV Service in September! In the new season, the dentist Antti (played by Eero Ritala, who received a Kultainen Venla prize for the role) and her actress wife Saara (Elena Leeve) have gotten their second child and are planning the naming ceremony. Their neighbor Jorma Kemppainen (Santtu Karvonen) and his spouse Titta (Pirjo Heikkilä) get involved with their own suggestions on everything related to the baby.


in September, MTV3 and the service

The third season of the C More original series Sunnuntailounas will feature meals where the fight to get one’s own narrative heard is more intense than ever. The mother (Mari Rantasila) enters the picture feeling that Tauno (Taneli Mäkelä) cannot handle the children’s crises by himself and starts to invite herself to the Sunday dinner. The script and direction of the third season is once again by the Kultainen Venla winner Atte Järvinen.


in September, MTV3 and the service

The series Karkurit revolves around a special police unit that locates escaped criminals in Finland and abroad. The unit is part of the EU-wide FAST network (Fugitive Active Search Team) and it comprises criminal investigators that have received special training. The C More original series features an awesome cast, with participation from stars like Pirjo Lonka, Pelle Heikkilä, Matti Onnismaa, Anna Böhm, Kristo Salminen, Rea Mauranen, Deogracias Masomin and Mikko Leppilampi.

Maria Kallio

starting on Thursday, August 19, C More

The most expected new launch on C More in August is certainly the new C More original series based on the Maria Kallio detective novels by Leena Lehtolainen. The lead role of Maria Kallio is played by Elena Leeve (Sunnuntailounas, Onnela). The series starts with the events of the book Ensimmäinen murhani, where Maria Kallio is still considering matters related to her career.

Other Dramas of the C More autumn

September will see the launch of a new C More original series, Karuselli (pictured above). The comedic series tells about our country that keeps changing slowly, but surely. The much-awaited fourth season of the popular series Rantabaari will also air. Later in the autumn, the new C More drama series Pahan väri takes a deep dive into the chilling stories and thoughts of Finnish serial killers. A new C More original series called DikDek Painajainen kummitustalossa will start in late autumn. The series brings to life the characters of the widely popular DikDek series of books by Juha Vuorinen. Another item on the addictive C More menu is the new series Hautalehto: Kylmä syli, based on the best seller book by Christian Rönnbacka.

News and Current Affairs Programs

MTV3 is the only commercial TV channel in Finland that offers daily high-quality news and current events content. MTV’s high-quality and divers news content reaches especially decision-makers and target groups that watch less TV in general.

Autumn will be a time of celebration as MTV News turns 40! On the big day, September 1, the decades of news will be celebrated with a special two-hour live broadcast.


MTV3 from Monday through Friday starting at 6:25, MTV3 and the service

Every weekday morning, Uutisaamu tackles the most recent news, sports results and weather every thirty minutes. The studio segments between the news provide background to current affairs and phenomena. These segments also feature intense debate on social issues.

Viiden jälkeen

starting on Monday, August 16, MTV3 and the service

The most topical companion to your weekday evenings, Viiden jälkeen, will be back on MTV3 in August. Viiden jälkeen offers the day’s news and hottest topics in a relaxed atmosphere for your busy daily life. Viiden jälkeen also invites the most popular artists and actors as well as the most sensational politicians to the studio.

Missä olit kun?

starting on Monday, August 23, at 21:00, MTV3 and the service

During the autumn, this special series commemorating 40 years of MTV Uutiset will look back to the Estonia shipwreck, the most devastating traffic accident in Konginkangas and the Turku terrorist attack. Great wins in Finnish sports as well as some more unlikely and positive news events also get their own episodes.


in September, MTV3 and the service

The 10th season of Rikospaikka will start on MTV3 in September. Jarkko Sipilä and Pekka Lehtinen will once again guide the viewers deep inside the world of crime reporters. Rikospaikka is the only crime program in Finland created by uncompromising professionals in their field.

Rikospaikka: True Crime Suomi

starting on Monday, August 30, at 21:30, MTV3 and the service

The series Rikospaikka: True Crime Suomi features the most talked about events in Finnish crime history. Each 30-minute episode includes two crimes, with MTV crime reporters Jarkko Sipilä and Pekka Lehtinen providing details.

Asian ytimessä, Jaakko Loikkanen

in September, MTV3 and the service

The MTV Uutiset current affairs program focuses on the most talked about topics of the week and news events every Tuesday night after Kymmenen uutiset. Jaakko Loikkanen will host top Finnish decision-makers, business leaders and experts. The in-depth news reports provide further insight into current affairs and add new topics to the news agenda. - AVOD-service Programmig

MTV’s video service plays a key role in the so-called Total TV campaign that combines linear TV with video advertising. Utilizing the AVOD service allows more exact targeting, making the campaign profile more youthful and increasing the total reach. High-quality Premium video advertising on the service reaches consumers watching their own favorite content and activates them to move directly to the marketer’s site.

In addition to Tanssikupla which complements the autumn TTK season, the MTV Service also includes popular series and interesting documentaries.

Love Island USA

later in the autumn, service and C More

In addition to Love Island Suomi, the summer of love will extend far into the increasingly dark evenings in the United States! The third season of Love Island USA happens on Hawaii. The program is hosted by Arielle Vandenberg and narrated by Matthew Hoffman.

Maajussille morsian Australia // Maajussille morsian Norja

later in the autumn, service only

This autumn, farmers are looking for a partner far on the other side of the globe in Australia and closer by in Norway. Two seasons of both the Australian (The Farmer Wants a Wife) and the Norwegian (Jakten på kjærligheten) programs will come to the service in the autumn, with seasons 10 and 11 of the Australian series and 15 and 16 of the Norwegian one.

Viisi miestä viikossa UK

later in the autumn, service only

The British Viisi miestä viikossa (Five Guys a Week) complements the service love reality lineup in the coming autumn. In the series, a single woman invites five men to live with her for a week. The first two seasons will be published on the service over the autumn.

Top Sports for Many Tastes

MTV’s sport programming of the autumn includes the most interesting sports leagues. Did you now that Finns think that Liiga is by far the most interesting Finnish sports league? (Sponsor Insight survey 2020). Sports content also reaches the male target groups that are generally harder to reach. Sports will always involve strong emotions, providing lot of talking points and visibility also on social media.

A large selection of football

The big European teams will once again go head to head. As is traditional, the group stage of the Champions League will start in September, anticipated by the entertaining UEFA Super Cup between the winner of the Champions League and Europa League. In addition, C More will show all games of the Europa League, Italian Seria A and Spanish La Liga as well as select matches from the Portuguese league and AFC Champions League.

Formula season culminates in December

The record-length F1 season comprising 23 races will culminate in December in Abu Dhabi. This autumn will feature interesting new tracks when, after decades of not doing so, the F1 circus will go to the Zandvoort track in The Netherlands and the Jedda street track in Saudi Arabia for the first time ever.

Finnish hockey season starts

The autumn will of course also mark the start of new heroic sports stories. In late August, the Liiga teams Lukko, TPS, HIFK and Tappara will start in CHL and Liiga will begin with a rematch of the spring final between Lukko and TPS. Now, C More will also feature Mestis, with all games broadcast on C More.