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You won’t want to miss this fall! MTV’s programming promises lots of new starts, seasons, characters and phenomena. All of this means reach, impact and purchasing power for your campaigns in a brand-safe media environment proven to be the most lucrative. Learn more!


Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa
starting August 28, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa is here to captivate our hearts once again! The 15th season of the beloved show will start with a bang as 11 new and exciting celebrities leap into the adventure of a lifetime with their masterful dance instructors. Everyone has the same goal: to charm the people of Finland, by dancing of course! On the edges of the dance floor, the brilliant TTK veteran Vappu Pimiä has a new, spectacular co-host in Ernest Lawson, winner of the previous season. As always, the skills of the dancers are mercilessly analyzed by the sharp eyes of the judges Jukka Haapalainen, Helena Ahti-Hallberg and Jorma Uotinen.
Maajussille morsian
starting August 29, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
In the 15th season of Maajussille morsian, a new group of farmers, both men and women, open up their hearts. In addition to traditional cropping and cattle farms, the show will also feature flower farming, reindeer husbandry and animal ranch activities. The farmers are between ages 23 and 40 and their farms are located all around Finland. The life situations of the farmers vary, but they are all ready to find a partner to share their ups and downs. Many also dream of starting a family. They are now starting a brave journey to find a partner to fill their farmhouse with true love. The show will be hosted by Vappu Pimiä.
Suomen kaunein koti
starting August 30, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
Finnish homes feature many types of interior design choices and architecture.But who has the most beautiful home in Finland? We will find out in the Suomen kaunein koti program, coming to you in fall 2022. The judges of the show will feature familiar professionals: journalist Hanna Sumari, interior design architect Tero Pennanen and architect Sini Rainio. Finland’s most beautiful home will be chosen by public vote from among ten finalists.
Ensitreffit alttarilla
starting August 30, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
The beloved Ensitreffit alttarilla is coming back! Brave singles will walk down the aisle with a stranger and go on a shared adventure together in hopes of finding a life-long relationship. On their journey of discovering true love, they are helped and supported by the familiar experts, vicar Kari Kanala and solution-oriented therapist Hanna Myllymaa, as well as a new face, specialist in sexological counselling Tapani Alanen. The ninth season of the show explores themes such as sharing a life together, going through everyday life, and understanding the meaning of intimacy and chemistry. The couples move in together and support each other in facing the ups and downs of everyday life. The season also tackles the question of how different situations in life can affect relationships.
Masked Singer Suomi
starting September 3, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
The fourth season of Masked Singer Suomi, the most popular guessing show in Finland, will feature twelve new characters, one of whom will take home the Golden Mask! Which celebrities have joined the game this time, and how far can they go before their true identity is revealed?In addition to the colorful stage performances, different genres of music, challenging tips and wild guesses, there will be some new twists and turns. Nothing is made easy as all of Finland once again asks with Maria Veitola, Jenni Kokander, Christoffer Strandberg and Janne Kataja: who’s behind the mask? The show will once again be hosted by Ile Uusivuori.
starting September 9, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
Posse, the iconic and ever-surprising savior of Friday nights, celebrates its tenth season. We’re here for a cavalcade of all things Posse. The stunts are back! The Shower Race is back! The skits are back! What will happen in the 100th broadcast? That remains to be seen in the fall as Kalle, HP, Jarppi, Viivi, Veronica, Jaska and Aku set up the best and longest party of the fall in the studio!
Olet mitä syöt
later in the fall, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
Olet mitä syöt returns with wellness specialist, Doctor Pippa Laukka. During the season, we will see eight stories of celebrities improving their habits and health. Pippa Laukka meets someone who wakes up in the middle of the night to eat and work, as well as someone who believes they are immortal after surviving numerous challenges. One of the participants has no idea what normal food is, and another tries to figure out if constantly training hard equals health. What kinds of changes will we see in eight weeks as Pippa Laukka gives the participants new rules for meals, exercise and rest?
Supernanny Suomi
later in the fall, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
The hero of Finnish families, Supernanny Pia Penttala returns to support families in finding a new, better everyday life. Strict yet gentle, Pia introduces new viewpoints of parenthood and helps establish boundaries while nurturing love. Get ready for thunderous tantrums and uplifting moments as the families revolutionize their everyday lives and shake up the rules. On the fourth season of the show, lack of sleep and differences in parenting methods drive parents to the brink of exhaustion. This season, we will also meet grandparents whose important role in raising children becomes clear in families living close together. Tears are shed as the families tackle the painful moments of parenthood and face the consequences of their past.


Ensitreffit alttarilla 2.0
later in the fall, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
The most popular relationship reality in Finland is back with version 2.0! When searching for a love that will last a lifetime, you need something old but a lot of new. Selected by a new set of experts, the couples will meet for the first time at the altar, starting intense months of sharing their lives together and finally making an important decision. Will they continue together in a lifetime of happiness or get a divorce? All the couples will live in their own apartments in the same building and get together regularly for group dinners. During the season, the couples will be asked to make interim decisions on continuing their journey together. Before the final decision, the experts will support the couples with professional advice and lessons.
Huippumalli haussa "Next Top Model (Finland)"
starting September 12 on MTV Katsomo and September 15 on MTV3
Next Top Model is an iconic show where judges search for a model with potential to find success both in Finland and internationally. This season, the updated contest is open for all applicants and the ultimate goal is to find a charismatic, unique and versatile top model of the future. During the season, the contestants will be able to show their potential in various challenges and photoshoots. At the end of each week, we will witness a spectacular runway show, after which one of the models must leave it all behind. The mentor and main judge of the show will be international supermodel Saara Sihvonen who participated in the third season of Next Top Model. The show will be hosted by Veronica Verho. In addition to the regular judges, the show will feature a large group of international fashion experts, such as photographers, stylists and guest judges. The show is based on the America’s Next Top Model format.
Grand Designs Finland
starting September 22, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
Famous for its ambitious and unique building projects, the design and architecture show Grand Designs is finally here to explore Finnish feats of housing. Architect Samppa Lappalainen introduces builders’ passion projects from the drawing board to the various steps and challenges of the construction project and, finally, to the completed dream home. Where do these dreams come from and how much work is needed to make them a reality? Does all the hard work finally pay off? Located in various parts of Finland, the sites represent each builder’s idea of “grand” – it may not be the largest or the most expensive choice but, instead, each family’s vision of great architecture and housing. For some, this means focusing on ecological solutions, while for others, it is a smart home equipped with the latest technology or a peaceful oasis built in nature. The differences of the families’ dreams are also highlighted in the choice of construction materials as some opt for traditional log construction or a classic brick look while others prefer individual element solutions. What they all have in common is the dream of their own home.
Kaaoksen kesyttäjät
later in the fall, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
Kaaoksen kesyttäjät is a feelgood reality show exploring the chaotic homes of eight Finnish families and reorganizing them with clever tips and solutions. The families will only have one week to complete the mission! The chaos is tackled by challenging the families to give up 50% of their belongings. When spread out in a huge hall, the amount of items seems unreal. Over the years, the families have accumulated tons of memories and mementos in their homes. Letting them go is hard, and the stories behind the items can even be painful. As the families sort out their heaps of possessions, the team of experts works their magic in the empty home. The surprise is complete as the families arrive in their reorganized home. Last time they saw it, it was an anxiety-inducing mess, but the new home is spacious and fresh and feels brand new! Just like the minds of its residents who have let go of years of baggage.
Vuoroin vieraissa, Maria Veitola
starting October 25, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
In the past, we have had many sleepovers together with Maria all around the country and the world, as Finnish celebrities have opened their doors to her. Now, it is time for Maria to invite these familiar faces to visit her home in Punavuori, Helsinki. Maria and the guest will spend a day together relaxing and talking through the things that have happened to the guest since their own “Yökylässä” episode.
later in the fall, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
Veitola.doc is a passion project of journalist Maria Veitola and awarded documentary director Sami Kieksi, created out of their shared desire to find out what is happening to us as the world, and Finland, keep changing at a rapid pace. In the four-part documentary series, Veitola dives into the topics we are all talking or even arguing about, putting herself out there and meeting people who face these phenomena every day. What lurks behind the headlines and what does it mean for the lives of our heroes? The series explores the phenomena of our time bravely and diversely, addressing difficult conversations head-on.


FIFA World Cup
in November-December, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
The FIFA World Cup is one of the most popular sports events in the world. The World Cup 2022 will be organized from 21 November to 18 December 2022 in Qatar, covering 64 matches. MTV is broadcasting the World Cup in cooperation with YLE. 22 matches will be broadcast live on the TV channels of MTV as well as the free-of-charge streaming service MTV Katsomo and C More which is subject to a charge. See the schedule here.
Joonas Nordman Show
starting September 17, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
Joonas Nordman Show returns to Saturday nights, bigger and funnier than ever. Hosted by Joonas Nordman, the humoristic talk show covers the most interesting phenomena and most talked-about topics in a fun and insightful way. Celebrity guests will participate in special games and challenges. In addition to Joonas, changing and surprising sidekicks will entertain the audiences at home but also in the studio as the show will finally have a live audience! Katja Lappi and her house band will play live music.
Salatut elämät
starting August 8, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
Fall means surges of emotion for the residents of Pihlajakatu. Nothing is the same, but when you can’t go back to how things once were, you have no choice but to move on. Will love endure if you say it often enough? Viola and Mira think their luck has finally turned around, but hard times are ahead. Can Elina break the cycle of unfairness, or will it swallow her whole? Why won’t Susu answer the phone? Kari has been hiding things for a long time but gets surprised by another secret-keeper.
Maria Kallio
starting August 29, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
Based on crime novels by Leena Lehtolainen, the detective show will arrive on MTV in the fall! The C More original series Maria Kallio is a ten-episode drama series of a police detective (Elena Leeve) who dreams of becoming a lawyer but ends up heading a team of murder investigators at the police department of western Uusimaa. In her work as a detective, Kallio knows how to put aside the brutalities she encounters, but in her private life, she struggles with hardened feelings and her partner Antti’s (Markus Järvenpää) dreams of starting a family. Maria sometimes feels closer to her tight-knit work community than to her partner, and her intense relationship with her coworker Koivu (Leo Honkonen) is a source of comfort when things get tough.
DikDek – Painajainen majatalossa
starting September 9, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
The C More original series DikDek - Painajainen majatalossa is based on the popular DikDek novel series by Juha Vuorinen. Private detective Tapsa Mäkilä quits his job and opens an inn with his partner, Anna. Full of the well-known and loved humor of Juha Vuorinen, this warm look into the lives of regular Finns is full of quirky fun for the whole family. In the episodes, the changing guests at the inn organize burglaries, forbidden adventures in love, ghost spotting, social media events, dance practice and hostage situations. The  series stars Hannu-Pekka Björkman (Tapsa) and Malla Malmivaara (Anna).
Hautalehto: Kylmä syli
later in the fall, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
After breaking viewership records at C More, the C More original series Hautalehto: Kylmä syli arrives to MTV in the fall. Hautalehto: Kylmä syli is an eight-episode Finnish crime series featuring Mikko Leppilampi in his first leading role in a TV series as Antti Hautalehto. In Kylmä syli, a series of young men’s drowning cases evoke torturous uncertainty in the life of detective inspector Hautalehto. The series is based on the fourth novel in the popular Antti Hautalehto series of detective stories by author Christian Rönnbacka.


TTK: Tähtiopettajaa etsimässä
starting July 31, MTV Katsomo
Now hiring: new TTK pro dancer! The best professional dancers in Finland face the challenge of a lifetime as Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa judge Helena Ahti-Hallberg and pro dancer Jutta Helenius search for a new pro dancer to join them on the TTK dancefloor. This time, dancing skills alone are not enough – the victory will go to the dancer with the most charming personality and teaching skills. Teacher candidates will dance their way through challenge after challenge until only the crème de la crème remain.
starting August 29, MTV Katsomo
What happens backstage at TTK certainly doesn’t stay backstage! That is what the hugely popular Tanssikupla programme guarantees as we follow each step of the couples on their dancing journey, both at the training facilities and live on air. We get to see the sweatiest moments of rehearsals, the best jokes and the excitement and rush of emotions just before and after the live broadcasts. So jump in to the couples’ adventure of a lifetime and don’t miss out on the joy, tears and new friends!
The Harlins
starting August 24, MTV Katsomo
Renny and Johanna Harlin keep up the hectic pace on the second season of their The Harlins reality show as life keeps surprising them with unforgettable moments. Johanna’s pregnancy is priority number one for the Harlins, and the season will cover their exciting journey towards the birth. From the very first episodes onwards, we get to see highly personal and intimate video materials from Renny and Johanna themselves from the beginning of the pregnancy. Filming The Bricklayer keeps the family busy in Greece. They also face a move to Miami, their new home city, and the final weeks of pregnancy are full of new surroundings, settling in and preparing for a huge change in their lives.
starting August 15, MTV Katsomo
The new reality show Hääpäiväkirjat follows the lives of four regular Finnish couples from the early preparations for their wedding all the way to the actual celebration. The viewers get to see up close the happiness, hopes, challenges and pressures brought on by taking perhaps the biggest step in your entire life. The couples from vastly different walks of life courageously share their emotions and stories in personal video diaries. Esko Eerikäinen provides voice over for the show.
Somesinkkujen deittipäiväkirjat
starting August 25, MTV Katsomo What kind of pressure does publicity create when searching for love and a relationship? How does it feel for celebrities to get to know new people who may already have formed an opinion of them based on their public image? How easy is it to create trust, and what does it take? In the show, single celebrities publish an open dating ad – and the hot single summer and the public hunt for love can begin. The video diaries from the summer produce a colorful, eventful and intimate look into a summery whirlwind of emotions with their ups and downs.
The Rise and Fall of Victoria’s Secret
August 17, MTV Katsomo The Rise and Fall of Victoria’s Secret (2022) is a three-part documentary series exploring the well-known lingerie giant. The series was directed by Matt Tyrnauer. We learn about the journey of Victoria’s Secret from a mail-order business to a retail giant and, finally, ending up under the microscope. The company has been accused of misogyny and sexism and its use of models has been criticized due to lack of diversity in terms of body types and skin color, for example.
The Case Against Cosby
later in the fall, MTV Katsomo The two-part documentary The Case Against Cosby promises to tell new hard facts about Bill Cosby and the accusations of rape directed at him. The filmmakers had the exclusive right to talk to Andrea Constand who sued Cosby. Of the 62 women accusing Cosby, Constand is the only one who has managed to take Cosby to court. In addition to Constand, the filmmakers interviewed prosecutor Gloria Allred and psychiatrist Ann Burgess.
The Courtship
starting October 18, MTV Katsomo What would a love reality where The Bachelor meets Bridgerton look like? Check out the new The Courtship series on MTV Katsomo to find out! Former cheerleader and current coder Nicole Rémy is single and tired of today’s swiping culture and decides to move to a castle with 16 potential suitors. Nicole’s family and friends take charge of the castle. Can Nicole find true love among fluffy evening gowns, carriage rides and fancy balls? Castle Howard was also used for filming Bridgerton.
Suuri puutyökilpailu
starting October 3, MTV Katsomo In this series hailing from the UK, nine handy woodworking enthusiasts compete for the title of Britain’s best woodworker. The contestants face supersize projects and surprise challenges that test their core woodworking skills. Judges Helen Welch and Alex De Rijke have some difficult decisions to make.


Uutisaamu and Viiden jälkeen
Continuing throughout the summer and into the fall, Uutisaamu brings news, sports results and weather as well as current events and phenomena to your weekday mornings. The most topical companion of our weeknights, Viiden jälkeen, takes a short break for the summer, returning in August. Viiden jälkeen offers the day’s news and hottest topics in a relaxed atmosphere for your busy daily life.
Asian ytimessä
in September, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
The current affairs program Asian ytimessä discusses the key themes and hottest topics of the week. Jaakko Loikkanen is joined by Finland’s front-row decision-makers and top experts in live broadcasts. In addition to current affairs, the show raises various issues and produces fascinating reports. The topics vary from politics to more local issues, from culture to literature or from news to sports, always focusing on the here and now.
in September, MTV3 and MTV Katsomo
MTV’s long-standing current affairs program Rikospaikka continues in the fall. The program is hosted by experienced crime reporters Pekka Lehtinen and Tiia Palmén. Rikospaikka explores criminal activity through crime scenes and studio interviews.