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As a part of MTV’s autumn, we will search for the next Finnish MasterChef, see more couples than ever before in Ensitreffit Alttarilla, watch the long-awaited Allstars season of Putous and admire the new Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa dance-trainees.

Super favourites are back

The darkening autumn evenings are a sure sign of the return of MTV's favourite series. Again this autumn, Finns get to enjoy the joy of dance, touching lifestyle changes, as well as sparks of love and bursts of laughter in the new seasons of familiar favourite programmes.

Maajussille Morsian (Farmer Wants a Wife)

in the autumn, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Love is in the air in MTV’s autumn as the 13th season of Maajussille Morsian begins. First we will get to see the introduction episode aired already in the spring, and the farmers selected for the show will be revealed on 24 August. In the coming season, three women and five men are looking for love, and the true-love seekers include farmers running a traditional grain farm and a dairy farm, as well as an innkeeper and a wilderness guide. None of them is up to city life, so the spouse candidates are required to love the countryside as well. The show will be hosted by Vappu Pimiä.

Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa (Strictly Come Dancing)

in September, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Glitter, glamour, sweat and free spins are seen on the stage this autumn as Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa is back, bigger than ever! Finland's fastest live show brings strong emotions, big stars and dances straight into our living rooms. The 13th season of the show puts the coordinating ability, charisma and endurance of beloved Finnish celebrities to the test as the top dance teachers create more and more spectacular dance choreographies. Familiar judges Helena Ahti-Hallberg, Jukka Haapalainen and Jorma Uotinen make the competitors feel both sweaty and nervous.

Ensitreffit Alttarilla (Married at First Sight)

in September, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Bold singles take a risk as they put their lives in the hands of experts to find the perfect partner and to say to each other “I do” at the first encounter. In the seventh season, for the first time, we follow the lives of four couples. They are supported by experts familiar from previous seasons: Relationship trainer Marianna Stolbow, Special level sexual therapist Elina Tanskanen and Reverend Kari Kanala.

Olet Mitä Syöt (You Are What You Eat)

in September, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

This season of Olet Mitä Syöt features 11 different lifestyle improvements. We will see amazing results as celebrities improve their health and habits under the leadership of a wellness specialist, Doctor Pippa Laukka. How to get long-term overweight under control? Tears and sweat are shed as participants go through mental and physical exercises required for a real lifestyle change.


in September, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Posse will return to MTV's Friday nights in September, complete with one returning star. Our familiar Posse favourites Jaska, Jarppi, Kalle, Veronica, Viivi and HP spread the word of positive anarchy from September onwards, this time together with Aku Hirviniemi! Hirviniemi returns to Posse to keep the promise of the most fun and entertaining Posse season ever!

Putous Allstars (Comedy Combat All-stars)

in September, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

The biggest and most beautiful of Finnish entertainment shows will return in an unprecedented way when veterans from previous seasons gather together in the Putous Allstars show! Favourite actors from different seasons will once again wear blue shirts and get to refresh their memories performing in the quick sketches, showcase tasks, weekly reviews and many other familiar sections of the show. During the Allstars season, the actors will collect money to support low-income Finnish families.

Suomen Surkein Kuski (Britain’s Worst Driver, Finnish edition)

in September, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

MTV’s ever-popular Suomen Surkein Kuski is back with the best season ever! During this special season, familiar drivers who have once already terrified the audience will return to show what they learned last time. Or did they learn anything at all? Eero Ettala continues to host the show and familiar judges Jussi Pohjonen, Sari Nuolikoski and Tuomo Nikkola evaluate the drivers’ skills.

Yökylässä Maria Veitola (”MariaVeitola: Sleepover”)

in September, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

In the sixth season of Yökylässä Maria Veitola, we will once again get to see well-known Finns open the doors to their homes. There are interesting and completely different public figures whose everyday life Maria gets to explore. We will witness many great encounters, emotional conversations and soul-searching, not forgetting bubbling laughter and joy. Many preconceptions are changed when celebrities reveal their true selves.

Koko Suomi Leipoo (The Great British Bake Off, Finnish edition)

later in the autumn, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

This summer, the sixth delicious season of Koko Suomi Leipoo will be filmed! The show includes familiar judges who we all remember from the previous season: Markus Hurskainen, Executive Chef of Story restaurants, and Toni Rantala, Pastry Chef and owner of bakery Konditoria pH7. Lovely Anne Kukkohovi, whom we all remember from previous seasons, continues as the show’s host. Funny mishaps, great successes and wonderful tastes are on the table. All this in Koko Suomi Leipoo!

Tuttu Juttu Show (“A Familiar Thing”)

later in the autumn, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Tuttu Juttu Show uncovers how well people living in a relationship really know their partner. In this feel-good entertainment show, two couples take a dive into their relationship in a quiz game every week. We will get to see the most interesting partnerships in the country; the show is not called “the maker of the president” for nothing! Timo Koivusalo and Susanna Laine host the show and present the roses.

Pitääkö Olla Huolissaan? (Should I Be Worried?)

later in the autumn, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Autumn brings with it a new, even more stuffy panel discussions as the very popular Pitääkö olla huolissaan? is back with a new season. The panel led by Jenni Pääskysaari makes a non-dramatic return with the so-called basic bunch. Miika Nousiainen, the grey eminence of Finnish literature, and the light carrying duo, Tuomas Kyrö and Kari Hotakainen, are responding to the questions of worries and anxieties.

Rikospaikka (”Crime Scene”)

in September, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

MTV's crime reporters Jarkko Sipilä and Pekka Lehtinen have already submitted a weekly Crime Scene programme for seven seasons. Viewers will once again get to know the inner circle of crime reporters and hear about the backgrounds of crimes, criminals and the authorities. Rikospaikka is the only crime programme in Finland created by uncompromising professionals in their field.

New shows, of course!

In the autumn, MTV naturally will offer completely new shows alongside familiar favourites. Based on the French format Secret Song, Laulu rakkaudelle is a completely new music show that surprises and moves with stunning stories and performances. In MasterChef, the world's largest food reality show, we search for the next top dog of the world of food starting in September. Likewise, starting in September, Penkinlämmittäjät will bring blatant sports-themed humour into our living rooms.

MasterChef 2020

in September, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Beloved cooking show MasterChef continues in the autumn with new and unexpected plot twists. MasterChef 2020 brings a number of cooking professionals together, competing against each other with the MasterChef elements familiar to fans of the show, but with the highest goals to suit their level of expertise. The judges are the beloved food professionals Tomi Björck, Sikke Sumari and Kape Aihinen.

Kuutamolla (”Pulling Your Leg”)

in September, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Kuutamolla is a show with a simple and delicious idea hosted by Janne Kataja. In every episode, famous Finns tell three stories about their own lives. Two of the stories are true and one total nonsense. Other competitors and the audience are to distinguish truth from false. With Kuutamolla, we will hear incredible true stories about the lives of famous Finns, lots of laughter and some lies on Saturday nights!

Penkinlämmittäjät (”Benchwarmers”)

in September, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Penkinlämmittäjät is an unpretentious but warm-hearted entertainment show with panellists competing for a place in the lineup, back from the substitutes' bench. The show deals with current sports news and phenomena in its own, and a bit questionable, way. The regular panellists are Pilvi Hämäläinen, Paula Noronen, Ville Myllyrinne, Tommy Lindgren, Mikko Töyssy, Tero Tiittanen, Eva Wahlström and Jarkko Ruutu. The show will be hosted by Ile Uusivuori.

Unelmaduuni Australiassa (”Dream Job in Australia”)

in September, C More

Four young people from the city go on a backpacking trip to the other side of the world, dreaming of an adventure in the heart of a big city and a relaxed job in the sun. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different. What kind of cultural shock will it be when young people realise that it is actually a months-long labour camp at the mercy of venomous spiders and rednecks?

Laulu rakkaudelle (Secret Song, Finnish edition)

later in the autumn, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Laulu rakkaudelle is a new giant of music shows based on the French format Secret Song. It is a stage show with big emotions as famous Finns are surprised in a unique way: they are seated in a chair and the only thing they know is that something is about to happen! The excitement builds up and soon a well-known artist arrives on stage and dedicates a surprisingly personal song to the celebrity.

Kirppiksen Kingi (”King of the Flea Market”)

later in the autumn, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

At a flea market, one takes everyone's money! Kirppiksen Kingi, hosted by Jarppi Leppälä, known from The Dudesons and Posse, is a competitive entertainment show with circular economy involved. The most unnecessary treasures of homes are recycled to others while competing for the title of the smoothest pitchman.

The must-sees for anyone hungry for drama

Super autumn of drama and comedy on MTV! Salatut elämät is back with an extra-long season and brand new seasons of favourite shows Rantabaari, Sunnuntailounas, Onnela and Ex-Onnelliset are coming to C More. The praised C More series Paras Vuosi Ikinä will be seen on MTV3, and Nyrkki, directed by AJ Annila and Alli Haapasalo, on C More.

Salatut Elämät (Secret Lives)

starting on Monday, 3 August, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

The popularity of Salatut Elämät is only growing! By far Finland's most popular drama series delivers entertainment year after year with wild plot twists to hold the viewers in their grip. This year, the relationship twists and turns have been watched in extra-long seasons – there are a record number of episodes both this spring and next autumn.

Rantabaari (”Beach Bar”)

Season 2 on Sub Mon–Wed starting 3 August // Season 3 on C More in September

From the makers of Salatut elämät, Rantabaari is an addictive show with exciting and bold plot twists. The second season of the series, seen at C More early in the year, will be seen on Sub from Monday to Wednesday, 3 August onwards. The stories become even more intertwined, and for some, the baggage of the past gradually begins to become unbearable. To the delight of the fans, season 3 of Rantabaari is on its way and will be seen on C More already this autumn!

Paras Vuosi Ikinä (”The Best Year Ever”)

starting on Monday 24 August, at 21:00, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

The new C More original series, which received top reviews, will be seen in MTV in the autumn! The series tells the story of two thirty-something women who have been beaten up by life (starring Lotta Kaihua and Ella Lahdenmäki in the lead roles). They decide to take a year off and live life to the fullest so that they will have no regrets when they’re old. This means finding the meaning of life and taking part in orgies.

Ex-Onnelliset (Living With My Ex)

Season 3 on MTV3 // Season 4 on C More in later in the autumn

The comedy-drama Ex-Onnelliset, created by Johanna Vuoksenmaa, tells the story of divorced families, and it has become a great favourite of Finns. For fans of this C More original series, 2020 will be quite delicious as there will be two seasons of Ex-Onnelliset to enjoy: the third season in the autumn on MTV3 and the fourth season on C More.

Nyrkki (Shadow Lines)

in September, C More

The acclaimed spy thriller Nyrkki’s entire season will be released in the autumn on the C More streaming service. Emmi Parviainen, Hannu-Pekka Björkman, Olavi Uusivirta, Samuli Vauramo and Jessica Grabowsky, among others, star in the series, which takes place in Helsinki during the Cold War.

Sunnuntailounas (”Sunday Lunch”)

Season 3 later in the autumn, C More

Award-winning Sunnuntailounas returns to C More this autumn with a new tremendously funny season! Once again, father Tauno (Taneli Mäkelä) gathers all the family around the table to talk about everybody’s life and news. In the new season, the mother of the children, with whom everyone has a complicated relationship in their own way, also steps into the picture.

Stay up-to-date

MTV provides reliable and up-to-date news around the clock through news broadcasts, current affairs programmes and the MTV Uutiset Live news service. In addition to the news, MTV's high-quality current affairs programmes delve deeper into issues and their backgrounds.

Uutisaamu (”News Morning”)

Starts on 17 August at 06:25, MTV3

Uutisaamu runs through the summer and returns to its daily rhythm in August. Hot topics and the latest news from Finland and abroad will be discussed again on 17 August from 06:25 onwards.

Viiden jälkeen (”After Five”)

31 August at 17:00, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

With Baba Lybeck and Joanna Kuvaja and the rest of the Viiden jälkeen team, we will see this afternoon show again on MTV this autumn, starting on 31 August. Discussions with the guests of interest on the main topics of the day are guaranteed.

Asian ytimessä, Jaakko Loikkanen (”Core of the Matter, Jaakko Loikkanen”)

in September, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

The current affairs programme, which will be seen after Kymmenen uutiset news broadcast, will focus on the most important and topical issues of each week. “I do my homework and keep up the pace in the interviews. We will not come to the studio to ramble and drone on,” promises Jaakko Loikkanen.

MTV's sports programmes in autumn 2020

MTV closely monitors the effects of the coronavirus situation on sports. If it’s safe for athletes to get back on the tracks and racetracks again, C More’s autumn is full of top-notch sports that raises your heartbeat, including the Football Champions League, La Liga, Formula 1, MotoGP, the IAAF Diamond League and the golf PGA Tour. Most recently, the Finnish Hockey League SM-liiga joined the C More sports family with the intensifying cooperation between Telia and MTV.


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