MTV's spring 2021 - check out the upcoming shows!

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( UPDATED 14.12.2020 )


MTV’s spring 2021 is packed with top entertainment, Finnish drama, cozy weeknight favorites, a high-quality news offering and breathtakingly high-level sports. Reserve your seat in MTV’s spring!

Top Entertainment This Spring

Come along for MTV’s top entertainment shows! Enjoy the extravagant musical performances and hilarious skits, new challenges set by the Taskmaster, and challenge your gray matter in Super Chase.

Secret Song Finland

starting on Friday, December 25, at 20:00, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Starting in December, Secret Song Finland is a new giant of music shows based on the French Secret Song format. In this stage show with great emotions, famous Finns are surprised in a unique way. They are seated in a chair and they know only one thing: that something is about to happen! The host of this emotional, exhilarating and entertaining show is Marja Hintikka.

Dancing with the Stars – the best from the past

starting on Friday, February 2, at 21:00, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Can you still recall Antti Tuisku’s wild tricks, Laura Malmivaara’s phenomenal immersion or Antti Kaikkonen’s charmingly stiff moves on the dance floor? Do you know which star student’s dance got the first tens across the jury board? The series will bring back the most striking moments of the previous seasons, starting from the first ever season. The Dancing with the Stars judges and dance teachers as well as their star students from throughout the years will have their say in the episodes.


starting on Saturday, January 16, at 19:30, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

January 2021 will see the kick-off of the 13th season of Finland’s most popular entertainment show! Once again, seven actors will take over the most-watched Saturday evening arena! Some of them are entertainers loved by all Finns, some new stars for the entertainment sky, in line with the brave Putous spirit. We’re in for new catchphrases and characters that are sure to provide topics of discussion during office coffee breaks.


starting on Saturday, January 16, at 21:00, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Soaring to new heights, the popular Kuutamolla show will continue with brand new episodes this spring on MTV3! The most famous Finns will walk down a path of lies with Janne Kataja as their host. In every episode, three guests come together to tell tall tales.The role of the contestants and audience is to point out the fabrication amongst the truths and win, well, sought-after prizes.

Super Chase

starting on Friday, February 2, at 20:00, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Super Chase, the even bigger and bolder version of the popular and beloved Chase, is here! Super Chase is a hilarious and fast-paced quiz show, in which one contestant has the chance to win up to tens of thousands of euros. This time, the contestant will come face to face with a team of chasers. In addition to knowledge, it’s a battle of who’s the fastest and calmest under pressure. In Super Chase, the chaser team consists of a trio familiar from Chase: Eero Ylitalo known as Mr. Archives, Magnus Mali or Sharp, and Markus Leikola, dubbed Know-It-All. The show will be hosted by Mikko Leppilampi.

Talent Finland

in February, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Talent Finland brings out emotions and captivates again on MTV3 in February! The search for Finland’s best talent starts again, bigger than ever. A wide variety of enthusiastic stage performers will impress the jury with their talent and skills. The esteemed jury evaluating the performances will consist of Jorma Uotinen, Krista Siegfrids, HP Parviainen and Ernest Lawson. The show will be hosted by Mikko Leppilampi.


later in the spring, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Taskmaster, requiring quick reactions and insights from contestants, will continue on MTV3 in spring 2021. In its second season, Taskmaster Jaakko Saariluoma and his right hand Pilvi Hämäläinen will find out how contestants can clear crazy and hilarious tasks set by the Taskmaster. In the new season, four new regular contestants to be announced later will compete in getting in the Taskmaster’s good books. In addition, every episode will feature a visiting contestant, a bright star from the entertainment sky.

Joonas Nordman Show

later in the spring, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

The popular Joonas Nordman Show will continue! This upbeat talk show filled with humor takes on current events and conversation topics in a fun and insightful way. In every episode, Joonas will invite three celebrities to join him and reveal something new and entertaining about themselves. The excellent house band lead by Katja Lappi is responsible for the music.

Cozy Weeknight Favorites

MTV’s top-notch weeknight shows will inspire, cheer up and entertain viewers at home this spring, too. Step into the MasterChef kitchen with celebrity chefs, marvel at the way of the world with Mielensäpahoittaja, and get to know the lineage of popular Finns in the new Sukuni salat show.

Mielensäpahoittaja - everything used to be better

starting on Friday, January 4, at 21:00, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Loved by all Finns, Mielensäpahoittaja, or the Grump, is back to marvel at the ways of the modern world with the show’s second season. In the new season, Mielensäpahoittaja (Heikki Kinnunen) will ponder great everyday themes, such as money, health and family.


in February, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Interior design and renovating show Kotoisa will return to MTV3 in February to carry out stunning makeovers for Finns’ homes and gardens. The show’s fourth season will continue to present one makeover in each episode. The change is always a surprise for the person whose home undergoes the transformation, and the end of the show will reveal the reactions to the changes!

Farmer Wants a Wife – the international edition

in February, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

The beloved Farmer Wants a Wife gets a spinoff as we get to follow how four farmers from abroad look for love in Finland. In this first season, we will meet Roy and Matthew from Canada, both of whom have Finnish roots, Mustafa from Turkey who has previously lived in Finland, and Stefano from Lebanon who has fallen in love with Finland on business trips. How can you find a partner overseas and what kinds of cultural differences will the farmers encounter? The show will be hosted by Vappu Pimiä.

Sukuni salat

in February, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

The new series this spring is Sukuni salat, which takes the most loved Finnish stars on a journey to the past of their family. Where do they come from and who are they really? Family secrets that surprise, elate and shed new light on the star’s identity are bound to be revealed. Host Marja Hintikka will lead us deep into the touching stories of unknown grandparents as well as surprisingly noble ancestors from centuries ago.

Supernanny Finland

in February, MTV3

Supernanny, the hero of families in trouble, returns to MTV3! In the third season of the show, Pia Penttala, an educational expert with a charmingly stern demeanor, will again teach families new ways of working for the common good. We have loud collisions in everyday life as well as emotional encounters in store when ten families get help they desperately need for organizing their lives.

Five Guys a Week

later in the spring, Sub

Five Guys a Week is a new kind of dating show that is taking the world by storm and puts the woman in charge. What will happen when five men move in with a woman and show their true faces at home? One by one the men pack their bags until the most compatible housemate remains. Which of the men will ultimately capture the woman’s heart?

Illallinen äidille

later in the spring, MTV3

Returning to MTV3 for its second season, Illallinen äidille is a show where celebrities cook dinner for their mother together with top chef Kari Aihinen. The three-course meal always consists of the tasty childhood and youth memories of the episode’s celebrity. During the dinner, we will hear memories and taste dishes that bring back warm feelings from the past.

Ready Steady Cook

later in the spring, MTV3

Ready Steady Cook will again bring top chefs back to the kitchen to find out who is the cooking champion. Who will win: the red or the green team? You all know the recipe for the show: the chefs have 20 minutes to create stunning flavor experiences together with their guests, and the audience will vote for the winner. This classic show is hosted by the lovely Sikke Sumari.

MasterChef  VIP

later in the spring, MTV3

This spring, the legendary MasterChef kitchen will see faces of familiar Finns who have earned their spurs usually outside the kitchen. These actors, musicians, journalists, writers, YouTube stars and other crowd pleasers are experts in their own field, but how will they cope with pots and pans? The popular star chefs Tomi Björck, Sikke Sumari and Kari Aihinen are there to mentor and judge the VIP contestants. The winner of the MasterChef VIP show will prove their skills to all of Finland – and donate a prize of €10,000 to charity.

Pitääkö olla huolissaan?

later in the spring, MTV3

In order to figure out if we should be worried or not, we must turn to the official worriers of the Finland. All spring, Kari Hotakainen, Miika Nousiainen, Tuomas Kyrö and Jenni Pääskysaari will address the issues and questions that Finns are worried about. The panelists will be setting the bar low and exceeding themselves for the tenth consecutive season!


later in the spring, MTV3

The laugh-filled sports panel show Penkinlämmittäjät will continue in the spring with its second season. Available on MTV3, the show deals with current sports news and phenomena in its own slightly questionable way, which will speak to sports fanatics but also those who thinks of sports as a curse word. The panelists for the second season will be announced later.

Stadi vs. Lande

later in the spring, MTV3

Contestants from all over Finland will again participate in a playful quiz in their knowledge of Helsinki and the rest of Finland, or the countryside. The rural teams answer questions about Helsinki, and the city teams answer questions about the countryside. Here, knowledge is an asset, but dumb luck can also come in handy. The Helsinki team is supported by Jaakko Saariluoma and Kalle Lamberg is proud to represent the countryside.

Get Hooked on Top Finnish Drama

High-quality Finnish drama production is MTV’s greatest pride, and spring 2021 is packed with it! Every month, C More will feature a new C More original series, and the spring fling will be kicked off with the awaited new series, Karkurit. After that, you can enjoy the new seasons of Aallonmurtaja, Hotel Swan Helsinki, Paras vuosi ikinä and Roba on C More. On MTV3, you can get lost in the twists and turns of Salatut elämät, Nyrkki and Ex-Onnelliset, whereas Sub will show the third season of Rantabaari.

Salatut elämät

starting on Friday, January 4, at 19:30, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

The number one spot among Finnish dramas belongs to the beloved Salatut elämät series that will return from its Christmas break on January 4. In Finland’s longest-running daily drama, life on Pihlajakatu will continue on its own passionate journey. During the spring season, life doesn’t seem to handle everyone too gently, and certain things come to a final close. However, the end is always a new beginning, and a surprise that will throw everything off the rails can be waiting behind any corner. Each week’s episodes will be available in advance on C More.


starting on Thursday, January 21, C More

Karkurit is a new drama series by creators who have won Jussi and Kultainen Venla awards. It focuses around an elite police team tracking down fugitives and criminals fleeing the grip of the law. The unit is led by the strong-willed yet empathetic Karita Tulikorpi (Pirjo Lonka) for whom her team is like a family. The team includes Karita’s closest colleague Niklas (Kristo Salminen), an old-school cop Pertti (Matti Onnismaa) who knows all the informants, and data analyst and prodigy Lori (Anna Böhm). The latest addition to the team is ex-undercover officer Santiago (Deogracias Masomi), who has transferred to the team from the Roba precinct, and they also get secret help from hacker Eeli (Pyry Heikkilä).


Season 3, in February, C More

The C More original series is returning with a new season! Upi Aaltonen (Turkka Mastomäki) and almost all of his crew are doing time in prison. Tuula Aaltonen (Maria Ylipää who received a Venla award for her role) loses her horse ranch and has to move to a two-bedroom apartment in the suburbs with the children. The third season of the touching criminal saga will introduce a selection of new characters who will put more pressure on the Aaltonen family, even as they are already cornered.


in February, MTV3

Set in Helsinki in the 1950s, during the Cold War, the hit spy thriller will be aired on MTV3 in early 2021. The series, which collected several Kultainen Venla nominations, centers around the Finnish Security and Intelligence Service’s secret special team Nyrkki. Shining in their roles are stars like Emmi Parviainen, Olavi Uusivirta, Hannu-Pekka Björkman, Sampo Sarkola, Katja Küttner, Janne Reinikainen and Jessica Grabowsky. The series is directed by AJ Annila and Alli Haapasalo.

Hotel Swan Helsinki

Season 2 later in the spring, C More

Last spring’s giant drama hit was the C More original series Hotel Swan Helsinki, and it ended in such a cliffhanger that the story must go on! And it shall: this spring, you can enjoy the second season of the exciting murder mystery set in the hotel world on C More. Will the hotel manager Ella Kallio (Oona Airola) find out who murdered Ville Pajari? Will Ella and Henrik Svanström’s (Lauri Tilkanen) relationship last? What will happen to the other hotel employees?

Paras vuosi ikinä

Season 2 later in the spring, C More

With its premiere last spring, the C More original series Paras vuosi ikinä soon became a top Finnish comedy series. You can again follow the relatable mishaps of Karla (Lotta Kaihua) and Miina (Ella Lahdenmäki) in the series’ second season in spring 2021 when these thirtysomething roomies living their best year will shake loose even more of their own prejudices. The second season of the series will feature a wide selection of new actors, such as Tommi Eronen, Santtu Karvonen and Johannes Holopainen.


Season 5 later in the spring, C More

Awarded with a Kultainen Venla, the beloved drama series Roba will become the longest-running detective series in Finland with its fifth season this spring, and its popularity isn’t winding down any time soon! On the new season, the police become the target and the turbulent situation will create an insurmountable crack in the daily life of the Roba police station.


Season 3 later in the spring, Sub and mtv AVOD service

The summer of hot love is frozen by an icy murder mystery when a tragedy from the past casts its shadow on beach bar Trissa and the entire Taivallahti. If something is for certain, it’s that nothing will be the same after the summer is over. The roles will feature Johanna Puhakka, Sofia Arasola, Jaana Joensuu, Eric Barco and Hemmo Karja who we all know from Salatut elämät.


Season 4 later in the spring, MTV3

In the fourth season of the successful series by Johanna Vuoksenmaa, a new family moves into the building for divorced families, and the more familiar families are facing their own challenges. A strong theme is the relationships of parents with their non-biological children through blended and rainbow families. New actors to join the cast include Minna Suuronen, Helena Vierikko, Taisto Oksanen and Jarkko Niemi.

Sports of Breathtakingly High Standards

C More’s spring is packed with top sports that will get your heart racing. In addition to below, C More’s sports offering this spring will include the golf PGA Tour, IAAF Diamond League, MotoGP and trotting races almost daily.

Ice Hockey

The spring playoffs of the Finnish ice hockey league Liiga culminate in the finals, after which all of Finland will gather together to see how well team Finland will do in the World Championships at the turn of May and June. SHL games, which include many Finnish players, are shown on C More every week.


In the football Champions’ League, the hunt for the trophy will continue in the knock-out stage. The world’s best teams and players will give it their all once the stakes are raised. The Champions’ League final will be played on May 29. In addition, C More will show all games of the Europa League and La Liga and select matches from the Portuguese league.

Formula One

The F1 season for 2021 just took a turn that will make all Finnish formula lovers very happy: Kimi Räikkönen announced that he will continue his career. The veteran continues with Alfa Romeo and sets off for his 19th season in the highest class of international auto racing. Valtteri Bottas will also continue on the circuit, with his eyes on his first World Championship.

News and Current Affairs Programmes

MTV News will turn 40 next autumn! Year 2020 has been an exceptional news year for Finnish and global affairs, including time spent watching and consuming news. In 2021, Finland’s most popular news anchors will continue to lead the news broadcasts at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m., Seitsemän and Kymmenen uutiset, which have had record-breaking audiences because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the U.S. elections.

In April 2021, MTV3 News will monitor the Finnish municipal elections closely on all distribution platforms in the heated party leader panel and during the results evening on April 18, 2021, for instance.

MTV Uutiset Live, the first digital news channel in Finland, offers the most important news of the day together with the most interesting entertainment, sports and lifestyle topics at, the mtv AVOD service and C More. You can also enjoy Finland’s best news service in the renewed MTV Uutiset app, which can be downloaded from Android and iOS app stores.

In the know from morning to night

Current affairs programs Uutisaamu and Viiden jälkeen, which have increased their viewing shares, and their popular hosts will make sure that MTV3 viewers stay in the know in the morning and late afternoon.

Asian ytimessä, Jaakko Loikkanen

The current affairs program Asian ytimessä, Jaakko Loikkanen continues in its familiar slot in Tuesday evenings as part of the Kymmenen uutiset news package. The first episode of the spring season will air on Tuesday, January 12. Every week, interesting and topical issues from Finland and abroad will be discussed.


Rikospaikka continues with crime reporters Pekka Lehtinen and Jarkko Sipilä in the lead for its ninth season, starting on January 19. Rikospaikka will feature the most important crime-related news of the week and discuss methods and motives of crimes from past decades.