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( UPDATED 29.03.2022 )


MTV’s spring offers the advertiser extensive reach, the audience with the highest purchasing power and a high-quality media environment. Get to know our programming!


This coming spring, MTV will once again be home to Finland's most popular and spectacular entertainment programs. The varied entertainment programming both on weekdays and during the weekend offers a steady reach on every day of the week. Wide reach allows you to generate interest also outside of your core target group and enable your brand to grow. Live broadcasts have their own special magic and phenomenon programs bring families and friends together in a specific moment. The varied programming ensures that every brand can find suitable content to participate in also with extensive non-standard solutions.

Kenen kotona?

starting on 6 January, MTV3 and the MTV Service

The long-waited “Kenen kotona” is back! In each episode of the show, we get to get to know four different homes and guess to whom each home belongs. Four strangers visit each others’ homes, knowing only the others’ names and professions. Is it possible to guess how someone lives based only on their appearance and occupation? The show is presented by the lovely Tuija Pehkonen.

Koko Suomi leipoo

starting on 10 January, MTV3 and the MTV Service

The seventh season of the beloved show “Koko Suomi leipoo” is an emotional roller coaster in the delicious world of baking. How will the bakers cope with one challenging task after another during a record-breaking heat wave? The season culminates in a finale, where Finland's best home baker is awarded. Anne Kukkohovi continues as the presenter and the season features Toni Rantala and Markus Hurskainen as the judges.

Golden Venla 2021

14 January, MTV3 and MTV Service

Awards for the best television programs of 2021 and their creators are presented in the Alminsali of the Finnish National Opera. MTV will broadcast the gala live.

Olen Julkkis...Päästäkää Minut Pois!

starting on 21 January, MTV3 and MTV Service

The internationally renowned “I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here” is finally coming to Finland! In the program, celebrities travel far into the jungle for weeks in the most basic and extreme conditions to compete in physically and psychologically demanding challenges. The celebrities’ objective is to collect funds for a charity of their choice. If the jungle conditions get too tough, the competitors are free to cry “I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!” at any time, thus quitting the race immediately. The program is hosted by Janne Kataja and Aku Hirviniemi.


starting on 5 February, MTV3 and MTV Service

Finland's most beloved entertainment phenomenon “Putous” continues in February! Already in its 14th season, the entertainment program offers a generous serving of guaranteed family quality entertainment. The program culminates in a skit character contest with new characters, phrases and surprising turns. The coming season features seven actors who will enter the most viewed arena of Saturday nights: both actors familiar from previous seasons as well as new stars debuting on the show. In addition to Maaria Nuoranne, familiar from the previous season and the Putous veterans Mikko Töyssy and Pilvi Hämäläinen, the season features new participants Pihla Maalismaa, Aapo Oranen, Jyri Ojansivu and Aku Sipola who will put on the blue shirts. Just like many previous seasons, the show will be hosted by Christoffer Strandberg.


starting on 5 February, MTV3 and MTV Service

The highly popular “Kuutamolla” continues on MTV in the spring! The nation's most enigmatic entertainment program continues the tried-and-tested recipe of lies and mysteries. Janne Kataja is the show’s sovereign host, who will ensure both the viewers and guests enjoy themselves. In each episode, three guests gather to tell stories, and the competitors and audience is tasked with identifying the lie among the truths.

Laulu rakkaudelle: Secret Song Finland

starting on 13 February, MTV3 and MTV Service

In the second season of “Laulu rakkaudelle: Secret Song Finland”, dozens of celebrities have once again secretly created emotional performances that are full of respect, gratitude and love. Marja Hintikka will act as the master of ceremonies, just like last season. The upcoming season of Secret Song Finland will also include a special episode celebrating the centenary of Save the Children.

Pitääkö olla huolissaan?

starting on 13 February, MTV3 and MTV Service

The panel show, which has become a household name, continues with new episodes. However, “show” is an exaggerated word to describe the atmosphere where you can hear a pin drop and paint peel off the walls. This show of peer lyricism, influenced by shows like Levyraati, Ruutuysi and Love Island will once again feature a well known cast: Jenni Pääskysaari, Miika Nousiainen, Tuomas Kyrö and Kari Hotakainen. As usual, the program will comprise talk of nothing and everything at the same time.

MasterChef Finland

starting on 15 February, MTV3 and MTV Service

In the spring of 2022, amateur chefs will take over the MasterChef kitchen! Selected from among hundreds of applicants, Finland's best home chefs are looking for the searing hot title of MasterChef Finland and a cash prize of EUR 10,000. The kitchen is filled with a love for food, joy and laughter, flames and smoke, outbursts of strong emotions and inspiring encounters with top restaurant industry professionals. In the coming season, Kape Aihinen is joined by two new judges, Henri Alén and Helena Puolakka.

The Bachelor 2022

starting on 1 March, MTV3 and MTV Service

Spring 2022 will be full of romance as the most iconic dating program “The Bachelor” takes over viewers' screens and hearts. This time, a lovely single man in his thirties is looking for love and more than willing to commit. A group of women with unique personalities are vying for his love, and will get to know him in stunning and exotic settings. The program is hosted by Mikko Parikka.

Suomen surkein kuski

starting on 21 March, Sub and MTV Service

Once again, there will be speed and dangerous situations, as 10 new lousy drivers get to show the whole nation their driving skills in fun and exciting tasks in the eighth season of the series. Eero Ettala will host the show from among smoking clutches and the near-misses of the worst drivers will be evaluated by the Formula driver Emma Kimiläinen, returning to the jury, along with police officer Sari Nuolikoski and driving coach Tuomo Nikkola.


in March, MTV3 and MTV Service

In the fifth season of “Kotoisa”, Niina Ahonen and Rickard Carlsson implement even greater changes in different homes. Helga Andersson and her brothers Arto Kontio and Tero Kontio will also make visually stunning and surprising transformations to yards. The fifth season expands further with “Kotoisa 48 h” special episodes, in which Niina and Rickard conjure up transformations in 48 hours.

Maajussille morsian

March introductory episode, MTV3 and MTV Service

The 15th season of “Maajussille morsian” starts with an introductory episode where Vappu Pimiä will introduce us to eight men and women from the countryside who are ready for love. The much-loved series follows fearless farmers who hope to find true love among singles who have approached them by letter.

LEGO Masters Suomi

starting on 17 March, MTV3 and MTV Service

What would you build with three million LEGO bricks? This spring we will see who will be the first winner of “LEGO Masters Suomi” as the world-famous LEGO Masters format arrives in Finland! In the program, hosted by Jaakko Saariluoma, eight pairs of builders compete against each other in spectacular and demanding challenges. The prestigious chief justice reviewing and assessing the works is Esa Nousiainen, Creative Lead of the LEGO Group. This is a program about creativity, passion and incredible skill.

Suomen kaunein koti: kesämökit

in March, MTV3 and MTV Service

The trio of judges, journalist Hanna Sumari, architect Sini Rainio and interior designer Tero Pennanen will once again travel around Finland in summer, admiring and assessing thirty unique, fabulous and surprising holiday homes. This season features contemporary timber construction, traditional round-log cabins and summer homes with stunning interior design – without forgetting a dash of design! A special episode of the program will also offer a peek into celebrities’ summer homes.

Sukuni salat

starting on 3 April, MTV3 and MTV Service

“Sukuni salat” returns with ten incredible and touching episodes. With the help of Marja Hintikka, a celebrity travels to their family’s past. The second season of the series includes wondering about life in a medieval castle and solving a murder mystery. Once again, Sukuni salat will offer moving, joyful and even wistful moments when the doors to the past open to the protagonists and past events come to life.


later in the spring, MTV3 and MTV Service

In the third season of “Myyrä”, celebrities head to an eventful adventure abroad under the direction of host Roope Salminen. Their objective is to raise money to a shared prize by solving tasks that require intelligence, a tactical approach and physical skill. But one of the contestants is the Myyrä (the Mole), a traitor and a secret saboteur who throws a wrench into the works. The objective of the Mole is to keep the team's prize as small as possible without getting caught.

Suurmestari "Taskmaster"

starting on 16 April, MTV3 and MTV Service

“Taskmaster” is a surprisingly unusual entertainment program in which entertainment artists compete for the favor of the Taskmaster in unique tasks. Jaakko Saariluoma exercises the supreme power as the Taskmaster, aided by the perceptive judge Pilvi Hämäläinen. This season too, the tasks are nearly surrealistic and will put the contestants’ intelligence, skills and wit to the test in many different ways.


Domestic drama reaches different target groups comprehensively, but especially women and young people. Scripted drama and comedy are a key part of MTV’s high-quality programming. In the spring, MTV offers lovers of Finnish series new seasons of C More original series, such as the hugely popular “Aallonmurtaja”, Finland's longest-running police drama “Roba”, and “Hotel Swan Helsinki”, which got its viewers hooked during its first season.

Salatut elämät

starting 3 January, MTV3 and MTV Service

The winds of change are blowing in Pihlajakatu. Old acquaintances return, but some goodbyes are also inevitable. Who has to adapt to being a father? And who wants to become a mother and who does not? There are new infatuations everywhere, but strangely everyone seems to either fall for old loves or the forbidden fruit. The beloved daily series “Salatut elämät” continues right at the beginning of January, after a short Christmas break.


starting on 21 January, MTV3 and MTV Service

The C More original series “Karuselli” is a comedic series about our country that keeps changing slowly, but surely. Directed by Petteri Summanen and co-written by Kari Hietalahti and Anna Ruohonen, this series of 10 independent stories depicts the familiar and infuriatingly cute bubbles in which we Finns live. Different comedic styles keep the viewer alert from one episode to the next.


starting on 24 January, MTV3 and MTV Service

The acclaimed C More original crime series “Aallonmurtaja” will continue with a new and exciting season. In the new season, criminals live their rough daily lives in prison, where most of the Aaltonen gang are serving their sentences. Maria Ylipää, Turkka Mastomäki, Aleksi Kaukamo, Sara Pehrsson, Tatu Sinisalo and Isla Mustanoja feature in the starring roles.

Paras vuosi ikinä

in March, MTV3 and MTV Service

The C More original series “Paras vuosi ikinä” tells the story of two thirty-something women who have been beaten up by life. They decide to take a year off and live life to the fullest so that they will have no regrets when they’re old. This means finding the meaning of life and taking part in an orgy. Carpe F*cking Diem! Lotta Kaihua and Ella Lahdenmäki continue in the starring roles in the second season.

Hotel Swan Helsinki

in March, MTV3 and MTV Service

“Hotel Swan Helsinki” follows a chilling murder investigation and complicated relationships in the glamorous hotel industry. The second season starts six months after the events of the previous season. Hotel Swan Helsinki is an original C More series. The cast includes Oona Airola, Lauri Tilkanen, Turkka Mastomäki, Jarkko Niemi, Milka Ahlroth and Roope Salminen.


later in the spring, MTV3 and MTV Service

The C More series, which has grown into Finland's longest-standing police drama, continues with episodes of the 5th season. The beloved series continues with the acclaimed cast of the previous seasons: Kari Hietalahti, Leena Pöysti, Riku Nieminen, Andrei Alén, Tiina Lymi, Mimosa Willamo, Mari Perankoski, Ilari Johansson, Rauno Ahonen and Linnea Skog. The theme of the new season of “Roba” is violence and targeting of the police.


March, Sub and MTV Service

The addictive twists and turns of the “Rantabaari” series will get even more exciting in the new season, as a whole host of new characters step in. The C More original series is already in its fourth season.

Made in Finland

later in the spring, C More

The highly anticipated “Made in Finland” story about Nokia provides a fascinating perspective starting from Nokia's first steps all the way to global success. The C More original series focuses on the people whose courage saved the company: young and resourceful lawyers, brilliant engineers, and a manager who keeps up with the times. A compelling selection of today’s most interesting actors, such as Satu-Tuuli Karhu, Emil Kihlström, Aku Sipola, Oona Airola and Sampo Sarkola will star in the show.


February, C more

In 2022, the selection of C More original series is expanded with another high-quality Finnish addition with the debut of the “Harjunpää” crime drama series. Based on Joensuu's hugely popular Harjunpää detective stories by Matti Yrjänä Joensuu, this series shows Helsinki in the summer from the unique perspective of murder team investigators Timo Harjunpää and Onerva Nykänen, with people not safe in the streets – or even in their homes. The series stars Olli Rahkonen and Olga Temonen.


MTV3 is the only commercial TV channel in Finland that offers daily high-quality news and current events content. MTV’s high-quality and diverse news content reaches especially decision-makers and target groups that watch less TV in general.

SuomiAreena Goes Media is a new event that promotes the TV and media sector and strengthens the culture of discussion, bringing together media sector creators, actors and viewers to discuss current topics. These discussions will only be available on the MTV Service on 13 January 2022.

Asian ytimessä

From 26.1., MTV3 and MTV Service

MTV News will expand its current affairs programming even further as “Asian ytimessä”, known from late Tuesday nights, moves to an earlier time and is expanded to an hour-long magazine show on Wednesday evenings. The show focuses on the most important issues and the most interesting topics of the week, ranging from the big questions of international and national politics to more local topics.


in March, MTV3 and MTV Service

Offering speed, entertainment and useful information on the new developments in both the car market and the electronics world, “Teknavi” will continue with new topics and episodes in the spring of MTV. This long-standing program has been broadcast continuously since 2011 and the show is now starting its 23rd season.

Karalahti – an honest documentary about an ex-hockey player

later in the spring, MTV3 and MTV Service

A documentary series about the admired and hated bad boy of hockey. Love for hockey takes a little boy from Tapulikaupunki who loves to play yard hockey to playing in the national league, the national team, the world's most demanding professional league – the NHL – and the incredibly consuming KHL. Alongside his hockey career, Jere frequents circles where alcohol and drugs are common – which eventually sees him end up in a coma in intensive care and close to death.


MTV’s video service plays a key role in the so-called Total TV campaign that combines linear TV with video advertising. Utilizing the MTV Service allows more exact targeting, making the campaign profile more youthful and increasing the total reach. High-quality Premium video advertising on the MTV Service reaches consumers watching their own favorite content and activates them to move directly to the marketer’s site. These are some of the Finnish shows which you can only see on MTV Service. In addition, the MTV Service offers plenty of documentaries and international series to watch whenever you want.

The Harlins

starting on 27 April, MTV Service

The new series “The Harlins” follows the life of legendary film director Renny Harlin and his fiancée Johanna in Finland and around the world. In addition to their intensive work, the series also takes a peek at Renny and Johanna's leisure time and provides access to the highlights of the cosmopolitan couple’s life on the red carpet and their romantic dates.

The Bachelor: After the Final Rose

in March, MTV Service In “The Bachelor: After the Final Rose”, the host Mikko Parikka will revisit previously unseen footage of the show with the women who participated. The show offers a peek behind the scenes at the end of every episode of “The Bachelor 2022”, showing what happens at the mansion when the bachelor is not there. Reminiscing and saying the things that were left unsaid.

Myyrä Talk

later in the spring, MTV Service In the third season of “Myyrä”, celebrities head to an eventful adventure abroad under the direction of host Roope Salminen. In connection with each episode, the hunt for the Mole continues on the MTV Service hosted by a regular commentator and guest stars.

Spring is a celebration of sports

The hockey season culminates in the Ice Hockey World Championship

The battle for the Kanada-malja along with the title of the new Finnish champion of ice hockey will start to ramp up in the spring. At the same time, the Mestis play-off season will also be at its most intense. The hockey season will culminate in the men's Ice Hockey World Championships in Tampere and Helsinki. We will plunge into the competition atmosphere on C More and MTV3.

Top football clubs battle for championships

Europe's great clubs will fill C More with world-class football in the spring. The Champions League play-offs will start in February and culminate in the final in May. In addition, C More will also closely follow the developments of La Liga and Serie A.

C More offers sports to suit all tastes

C More's sportive year will begin with the World Athletics Indoor Championships, and later in the spring we will once again get to witness world greats set new records in the Diamond League. C More will also follow the World Rallycross Championship, SHL ice hockey and WTA tennis.