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( UPDATED 03.04.2024 )


MTV’s spring 2024 will be filled with love, laughter, surprises, touching stories and close competition. On MTV Katsomo and on MTV’s channels you will find the most addictive reality shows, the highest quality drama series, the best sports offering and the most current news content. Advertiser, get noticed and be remembered – get to know MTV’s spring 2024 programming!


starting February 18, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
MTV’s spring Sundays are filled with love that conquers all. Now is the time for LOVE! LOVE is a beloved Finnish music entertainment show that features ordinary Finns’ stories of love and caring along with important Finnish songs, performed by leading artists. Following exciting surprises, the songs are played for best friends, the world’s best parents, life partners who have stuck through hard times and people who bring light to their work and hobby communities. LOVE is hosted by Susani Mahadura and Ernest Lawson, who guide the show gently from one surprise to another with their sensitive and humane touch.
starting March 5, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The love show that has garnered attention internationally is coming to Finland! In Kolmiodraama, five singles bored with todays superficial dating culture, focused on looks, participate in a completely new kind of experiment. Two suitable partners are chosen for them, who they get to know only via text messages, without any pressure related to appearances. Based on the connection established messaging, they choose one of the candidates and move in with them, sharing the highs and lows of life under the same roof. However, this choice is only the beginning, because there will be a dramatic turn and in finally one will be left the odd one out.
Race Across The World Suomi
starting March 16, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Race Across The World Suomi is a competition in which six pairs take on the adventure of their lives. Even though the pairs could fly to the starting location of the race in Morocco in six hours from Finland, in the show they will travel thousands of kilometers on both land and sea. The road back home goes through five checkpoints and the pair to arrive last to each one is at risk of being eliminated. Flying is not allowed and the competitors have no credit cards or digital devices at their use to help them. They only have each others, a map and a limited amount of cash. This is an adventure where the journey can be more important than the goal! The show is hosted by Ernest Lawson.
starting January 20, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The legendary Levyraati makes a comeback and will rank recent music for an hour every week. The jury, filled with people who are passionate and open-minded about music, listen to new domestic and foreign songs and rate them on a scale of one to ten. The viewers will see music videos for the songs, but the participants on the jury only hear the song. Finally, the song to have collected the most points is crowned the best song of the week. Levyraati has both regular participants and weekly changing guests, some celebrities and some not.
starting April 28, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Tabu is a show focused on matters you are not supposed to laugh at. In Tabu, we meet groups of people who live with some social, psychological or biological challenge. The episodes depict their daily life with its joys as well as the challenges related to the handicap or illness. The actor Pekka Strang gets to know the people featured on the show with relaxed chat, doing things together with them and having deep conversations.
starting February 18, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Sanansaattajat is a competition on etymology, meaning the origin and meaning of words. The regular contestants Miika Nousiainen and Tuomas Kyrö will guess, know or invent origins of words, competing against two weekly changing competitors. Linguist Janne Saarikivi provides the correct answers and judges the contestants’ yarns. The word games are hosted and scored by Jenni Pääskysaari, who will also announce the winners.
later in the spring, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
You’re invited to Komediaklubi! This entertaining new program will take you to the first row of Tampere’s TTT-Klubi where the most beloved Finnish comedy stars and most interesting new talent take to the stage. With Komediaklubi, you will get to laugh along with more than 50 stand-up comedians and enjoy the captivating atmosphere of a club night without getting off the couch.
Unelmia Italiassa
starting April 11, MTV Katsomo
Unelmia Italiassa takes the viewers to Italy’s stunning landscapes as Ellen Jokikunnas, her spouse Jari and their dog Reino realize their long-term dreams. For years, Ellen and Jari have dreamed about a second home in Italy, but they thought they could only realize their dream after having a child. Although the couple’s adoption process is still on-going, they decide that in life you cannot wait forever and buy a 200-year-old stone house in the Italian countryside and start renovating it. What will happen to their dreams as the local bureaucracy and Ellen’s health worries throw a spanner in the works?


starting January 20, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The Saturday night evergreen Putous will make a big comeback to MTV3’s Saturday nights with its 16th season. The upcoming season will serve surefire sketch comedy as well as significant changes. The season is directed by Antti Tuomas Heikkinen and Niina Lahtinen will continue as the host. In the upcoming season, six actors will take to the Putous stage. The group of actors is a joyful mix of both new stars as well as seasoned Putous veterans. The legendary sketch comedy character contest will be renewed for the first time in its history during the upcoming season.
Yökylässä Maria Veitola
starting February 8, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The Venla prize winner Yökylässä Maria Veitola returns! The ninth season of the show will again feature new famous Finns, whose homes and lives Maria will get to know. The season is filled with beautiful fall landscapes and interesting and varied stories from the main characters’ lives.
Muodin huipulle
starting February 8, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
In the spring, we will once again witness how creativity comes to life in extravagant fashion creations as the new season of Muodin huipulle starts. Ten talented designers get to show off and work on their skills in intensive assignments that will challenge their creativity, capacity for renewal and technique for creating impressive pieces for the catwalk. Just as last season, Sofia Järnefelt will act as a mentor supporting the designers. The dazzling Miisa Grekov will host the show and evaluate the designers’ creations together with the stylish Sami Sykkö. Mert Otsamo, a top name in Finnish fashion, who originally started in the show, will join the regular panel.
MasterChef Suomi
starting February 6, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
A new and never-before-seen season of MasterChef Suomi is starting! This year, the competition will start bigger than ever, with a massive bootcamp pre-qualifier. The well-known judges Kape Aihinen, Helena Puolakka and Henri Alén will focus on assessing 40 amateur chefs from different parts of Finland in the bootcamp kitchen. The intensive competition will challenge the chefs’ creativity and technique. Only ten amazing and skilled contenders will get to start in the MasterChef Suomi kitchen. One of them will eventually win the EUR 10,000 prize and the coveted MasterChef Suomi 2024 title.
Olet mitä syöt
starting April 18, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The upcoming season of Olet mitä syöt will focus once again on new health themes. What kind of diet promotes mental health? How do you find a connection with your body and sexiness after pregnancy? How to put on mass? Can migraines be prevented with the right kind of diet? The well-being doctor Pippa Laukka will help nine celebrities find a healthy lifestyle and well-being. The celebrities are Joona Hellman, Vilma Karjalainen, Kimmo Vehviläinen, Riina-Maija Palander, Toni Nieminen, Eeva Vekki, Eero Herranen and Minea Blomqvist-Kakko.
Suomen kaunein koti: Kesämökit
starting March 6, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Suomen kaunein koti: Kesämökit will continue in the spring! Our judges take the viewers to admire summer houses and second homes all the way from southern Finland to Lapland and from East Finland to the western coast. This season will venture even more outside the summer homes and into their environments. We will see beautiful yards of summer houses by the sea, surrounded by fields as well as in traditional lakeside settings. In the coming season, journalist Hanna Sumari will be joined by new judges, landscape designer Kati Jukarainen and architect Otto Heinonen.
starting March 16, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Suurmestari is coming back bigger and more beautiful than ever before! The fifth season features exciting assignments at a new manor with a new cast of contestants. The sharply precise judge Pilvi Hämäläinen assesses the performances closely and reports even the smallest mistakes to the Suurmestari Jaakko Saariluoma in the studio. This season, we will witness a presentation on the importance of pineapple in pizza given to primary school teachers, preparing a modelling dummy for an epic adventure and stopping Pilvi from eating popcorn whatever it takes!
starting April 1, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Kotoisa is coming again to make one gorgeous transformation after another in Finns’ homes and yards! The sixth season of Kotoisa is a selection of unique locations, unexpected solutions and surprising recipients. Seija Strand, the interior designer known from the previous seasons, makes a comeback this season. During the season, Seija Strand and Vilja Schepel create spectacular and functional homes. Helga Andersson and Arto Kontio will create enchanting yards.
Joonas Nordman Show: Grillikausi
later in the spring, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Joonas Nordman Show: Grillikausi continues on its unapologetic track and will once again put celebrities loved by Finns out to roast. Even the most surprising themes are raised and nothing is sacred – everything is fair game. The evening’s last slot is saved exclusively for the guest of honor. The show is hosted by Joonas Nordman.
Suomen surkein kuski
starting April 28, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Get out of the way – Finland’s worst drivers are coming again! The show follows the antics of eight terrible drivers in tasks measuring their driving skills. Eero Ettala will host the show and the contestants’ performances will be evaluated by the Formula One driver Emma Kimiläinen along with driving expert Sari Nuolikoski and driving coach Tuomo Nikkola.
Ihanat siirtolapuutarhat
later in the spring, MTV Katsomo and MTV Ava
In Ihanat siirtolapuutarhat, Nicke Lignell will visit Finns’ allotments in an easy-going summer atmosphere. The program showcases the summer places and small alteration works of their owners. This season will feature projects such as revamping a stone pavement, rejuvenating a rose vine, maintaining a front door, creating a dazzling flowerbed, painting the summer house, and creating delicacies from plants in the garden.
later in the spring, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Grillimestarit pits two TV chefs against each other in a playful duel. Teresa Välimäki and Risto Mikkola are tasked with creating tasty barbecue meals from the raw materials of a surprise box. What kinds of delicacies will be created when the chefs’ creativity and expertise are put to the test? At the end of each episode, a celebrity tastes the meals and picks a winner.


News programs
MTV Katsomo and MTV3
You can once again tune in to the well-known daily news rhythm starting on January 8, with Huomenta Suomi running seven days per week and the Viiden jälkeen afternoon show on weekday nights. Kymmenen uutiset, Sää and Tulosruutu summarize the day’s most important information every night. Rikospaikka and Uutisextra will continue to highlight topics and cases that all of Finland is talking about also next year.
Presidential elections
MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Who is going to be our nation’s next president? MTV will follow closely as the elections progress around the turn of the year. The candidates will be debating for the first time already on Wednesday December 13 at 8–10 p.m. in MTV’s big election debate. During the election week, on Wednesday January 24 there will be another debate and on January 28 you can tune in to the exciting results broadcast. If a second round is needed, the two best candidates will face off on February 7. The second results broadcast will be on February 11. MTV’s election programming will start already in December 2023 on MTV Katsomo with the shows Ehdokkaat vs Google and Vaaleihin Tommolan kanssa.
Missä olit, kun?
starting January 5, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The series Missä olit, kun? will bring back the most memorable moments when all of Finland stood still to follow the same news event. The new four-episode season focuses on the most serious train accident in Finnish history, the break-up of the band Dingo that caused mass hysteria, the volcano that stopped all European air traffic and the Mikkeli hostage drama.
The Golden Venla Gala
January 26, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The best Finnish TV shows, their creators and viewer favorites for 2023 will be recognised in the live Golden Venla gala broadcast.
Jussi Gala
March 22, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The best in the Finnish movie industry are recognised in the spring in the annual Jussi Gala. MTV will broadcast the star-studded gala live. The show will be hosted by experienced screen stars Katariina Kaitue and Jaana Saarinen.
Mun maailma
starting March 27, MTV Katsomo
Spring 2024 will feature the new reality TV show Mun maailma, directed by Arman Alizad. The series takes us to the world of five captivating 18–25-year-old young people, whose lives are at a turning point. What do dreams mean to a young adult and can they be achieved? Arman raises topics from the world of young people in the 2020s and lets them answer for themselves.
Jere Hietala - Salametsästäjien jäljillä
starting February 21, MTV Katsomo
Jere Hietala - Salametsästäjien jäljillä is a documentary series recounting Jere Hietala’s work and experiences of his battle against poaching in South Africa. The series takes us on land, sea and air, and encounters different people, from poacher criminals to park rangers and conservation activists doing protection work. The wild animals, which you have to both protect and treat with respect, also play their own, exciting role in the series.
starting March 14, with MTV Katsomo+ subscription
The MTV original documentary Mainosmiesmurhaaja focuses on the mysterious disappearance in 1994 of Ilpo Härmäläinen, a lawyer from Turku. The series follows closely why the National Bureau of Investigation team re-started the investigation nearly 30 years later, how they got on the trail of the murderer called the Advertiser and how it was possible to discover Härmäläinen from the bottom of Airisto. The documentary also provides a unique view into the operations of the special unit of the Finnish Navy that recovered Härmäläinen’s body.


Salatut elämät
starting January 29, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Spring in Pihlajakatu is like a wedding dress: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Not to forget the greatest of them all – love itself. Old flames keep rekindling – how can it be so hard to keep your hands off your ex? Who will ride into the sunset and who will open the door at Pihlajakatu after a long pause? Salatut elämät, celebrates its 25th anniversary on 25 January!
Hautalehto: Rakennus 31
starting February 15, with MTV Katsomo+ subscription
The highly expected continuation of MTV’s lauded original series Hautalehto is here. In the second season of the series, Antti Hautalehto has his hands full with horrifying deaths that seem like ritual murders that lead to the art commune of the charismatic artist known as the Master. The season consists of six episodes based on “Rakennus 31”, the third book in the series created by Christian Rönnbacka. Mikko Leppilampi continues in the main role as detective Antti Hautalehto.
later in the spring, with MTV Katsomo+ subscription
Karkurit, the series about the special police unit that tracks down escaped convicts and criminals on the run from the law, is making a comeback. In the second season, the serial killer JP Sirén will not leave Karita Tulikorpi alone. The team has received a new leader as the retired Ritola is replaced by the equally resolute Riikka Bruun. The main roles feature Pirjo Lonka, Pelle Heikkilä, Matti Onnismaa, Deogracias Masomi, Anna Böhm and Milka Ahlroth.
Kotka 10
starting March 11, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The MTV original series Kotka 10 follows the operations and life of two rescue teams and first aid units at the Kotka rescue station and in different work assignments. Work at the rescue station is done in 24-hour shifts, so it goes without saying that the people know each other well. The rescue assignments seen in the series are based on real cases. The main roles feature Sara-Maria Heinonen, Juha Kukkonen, Kai Vaine, Jaakko Ohtonen, Jasir Osman, Heikki Ranta, Sara Paasikoski, Inka Kallén and Matleena Kuusniemi.
starting March 16, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The viewer favorite and multiple Venla award winner Sunnuntailounas will air on MTV3 starting in March. In the fourth season of the MTV original series written and directed by Atte Järvinen, Eevi is pregnant. Tauno has nothing to do until he starts to fight for an old typewriter factory. Severi’s life as a popular radio host ends, as everyone starts to get fed up with his antics. Taavi continues his trolling and starts bullying one member of the men’s club. Jani takes up all job opportunities in his greed. The main roles feature Taneli Mäkelä, Elena Leeve, Jarkko Niemi, Santtu Karvonen and Samuli Niittymäki.
Omerta 6/12
later in the spring, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Omerta 6/12 is a four-part series of the action movie directed by Aku Louhimies. Based on the best seller by Ilkka Remes, the MTV original series starts with the Finnish Independence Day reception being interrupted as a group of terrorists attack the Presidential Palace and takes the guests and governmental leaders hostage. Max Tanner, the head of the Finnish Security Intelligence Service is tasked with negotiating on the lives of the hostages and with finding out who is responsible for the attack. The roles feature Jasper Pääkkönen, Nanna Blondell, Sverrir Gudnason, Cathy Belton, Nika Savolainen, Robert Enckell and Pertti Sveholm, among others.


Liiga and ice hockey content
starting in January, MTV3
The improved and even more interesting sporting experience of Liiga matches takes over MTV3’s Friday night prime-time. Up to the end of the regular season, the Friday match, broadcast live on MTV3 starts at 7:30 p.m. – one hour later than other matches. The Friday night games will replace MTV Sub’s Thursday night Liiga broadcasts. You can also follow the NHL spring all the way to the season end on MTV’s channels. As usual, the ice hockey spring is crowned by the Ice Hockey World Championship. MTV3 and MTV Katsomo will broadcast all Lions’ matches as well the semifinals and the final.
Live sports broadcasts
MTV3 and MTV Sub
MTV Sub and MTV3 will feature weekly live sports broadcasts: Liiga matches on Fridays from January until the end of the regular season on MTV3. Also play-offs. - Weekly NHL game until the end of the regular season on MTV Sub. Also, play-off games and the deciding matches of the Stanley Cup finals. - Mestis match in January and February, including a studio broadcast on MTV Sub. - Each WRC Rally’s Power Stages and rally studios on MTV3. The season starts on January 25 in Monte Carlo. - The Super Bowl, crowning the NFL season on February 11 on MTV3. - All of Finland’s matches, semifinals and final of the Ice Hockey World Championships during May 10–26 on MTV3. - The football Champion’s League final on June 1 on MTV3.
MTV Katsomo+ sports programming
MTV Katsomo+ subscribers will get everything out of an extensive selection of sports. Content includes all Liiga and Mestis matches, the football Champions’ League, La Liga and Serie A, the ice hockey Swiss league and SHL, an extensive selection of NHL matches, all rally special stages along with other motor sports.