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( UPDATED 11.09.2023 )


Advertiser, save the best seat on the couch for fall 2023! MTV is serving a strong cocktail of entertainment, reality, documentaries, drama and sports for darkening evenings – not forgetting news and current affairs. Our selection features everything from the most-watched formats to new and old favorites, so choose the most effective moving image media with the widest reach for your fall campaigns!


Tietäjät tietää
starts 1 September, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Tietäjät tietää is a new quiz show for the entire family, and it’s nothing like we’ve ever seen in Finland before! Hosted by Roope Salminen, this exhilarating quiz has three typical Finns competing for a growing sum of cash. They will get help from seven celebrities, or experts (“tietäjät”), in their attempt to win the money. Each celebrity brings to the show their own category they believe they know a lot about. A giant wheel decides from whom the constant will receive help in answering the question. Sheer luck plays a huge part in this game! The show is based on the format of the English show The Wheel.
Jarkko Tammisen maailma
starts 9 September, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Impersonator Jarkko Tamminen leads dozens of his impersonated characters to the screen and creates a world that makes you wonder what’s fact and what’s fiction. The show embarks on an adventure in the world of Finnish TV entertainment, sports and politics at such a high speed that you’ll want to hold on to your couch’s armrests. Here’s how Jarkko describes the show: “You’re in for a parade of characters! The show incudes skits and parody that feature, in addition to myself, top-line actors and many celebrities.”
Ei saa nauraa
starts 1 September, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
In the new Ei saa nauraa gameshow, Viki Eerikkilä has invited people who are known to be funny to spend a peculiar, to put it mildly, weekend at his cottage. There’s only one rule: you must not laugh! However, Viki’s guests are trying to make each other burst into laughter with any means possible. What happens in the cottage when you have to keep a straight face with the funniest people in Finland? “I love laughter and laughing so when I was first asked to host a show where you couldn’t laugh, I had to consider it. When it was made clear that I can laugh, I signed the dotted line on the spot!” Viki Eerikkilä says.
Tämä on tämä
starts 23 September, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Easy questions have never been this hard! Tämä on tämä is a new Finnish comedy panel show hosted by Kirsi Alm-Siira. Comedian Joonas Nordman, actor Kiti Kokkonen and two changing guests are guaranteed to show you a good time. Tämä on tämä is a panel show that asks two questions: what is this and who is this. All the answers are easy; only the questions are off: six-year-old Eevi has drawn her favorite celebrity – Who is this? This is a new traffic sign – What is this? These are the lyrics to a hit song in emojis – What is this? This is this, tämä on tämä!
starts 9 August, MTV Katsomo
The legendary Sinkkulaiva is sailing again on the sea of love! Each episode follows a single person or group of singles looking for love and boarding the ship with their hearts filled with anticipation and minds full of hope of meeting that special someone. The show features charming personalities of different ages who all have 24 hours to make new friends or even find love that will last a lifetime. Everything is possible and the rip currents of flirting lay ahead – anchors aweigh! Sinkkulaiva’s captain of love and cruise director is Esko Eerikäinen.
later in the fall, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
You’re invited to Komediaklubi! This entertaining new program will take you to the first row of Tampere’s TTT-Klubi where the most beloved Finnish comedy stars and most interesting new talents will take the stage. With Komediaklubi, you will get to laugh along with more than 50 stand-up comedians and enjoy the captivating atmosphere of a club night without getting off the couch.


Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa
starts 3 September, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
A passionate fall of dance lays ahead! The lovely, lavish and legendary Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa will win Finnish hearts for the 16th time! Eleven new celebrities are ready to push their boundaries and flex their limbs reaching to be crowned ballroom royalty. At the start of the season, viewers will be pampered with two special-length live broadcasts. This fall will also include the already classic partner-swapping week during which the dancers will have to find their footing in a new position. The judge trio will again consist of the Finnish dance and ballroom dancing legends Jukka Haapalainen, Helena Ahti-Hallberg and Jorma Uotinen. The ringmasters of this fall’s greatest show will be Vappu Pimiä and Ernest Lawson.
Masked Singer Suomi
starts 9 September, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Saturday evenings will again transform into a huge question mark as Masked Singer Suomi returns to MTV3 for a new season! This super popular guessing game brings new characters, surprise twists, several hints and two new detectives to the stage. This season, Maria Veitola and Janne Kataja will be joined by rising pop star Benjamin Peltonen and leading radio journalist and host Jenni Poikelus. Host Ile Uusivuori will lead the group through the increasingly entertaining episodes towards the grand finale. Who will pick up the Golden Mask in the end?
Maajussille morsian
starts 28 August, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
On the 16th season of Maajussille morsian, new farmers, both men and women, will boldly start their search for a partner. The farmers have cattle, sheep and horses and grow grains, cabbage and strawberries. The farms are spread all across Finland from Simojoki in the north to Nurmijärvi in the south with both experienced and new farmers. All of them are looking for a partner who values the peaceful countryside life and wants to share the daily work and dream of a future together. The farmers’ journey on their quest for love will be followed by host Vappu Pimiä.
Suomen kaunein koti
starts 29 August, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The familiar trio of judges – journalist Hanna Sumari, architect Sini Rainio and interior designer Tero Pennanen – will once again travel around Finland and get to know unique homes. This new season, they will take viewers to see stunning traditional Ostrobothnian houses, idyllic Finnish farmhouse homes, old factories and working families’ homes, yoga studios and light-filled ateliers. The season features 30 homes that have an interesting edge, bohemian zeitgeist, European lavishness and surprising and bold interior design solutions in addition to popular modern living.
MasterChef Suomi: Professionals
starts 7 September, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The new MasterChef Suomi: Professionals season will not hold anything back as professional chefs enter the MasterChef kitchen. This season, the challenges will be more demanding and the eliminations tougher than ever before, and an average performance will not get you anywhere in this kitchen. With the higher standard, also our familiar judges, top chefs Kape Aihinen and Henri Alén, will be faced with harder decisions than ever before. The third judge spot will be shared by chef patron Helena Puolakka, who is familiar from previous MasterChef seasons, and star chef Tommi Tuominen, a new addition to the judge panel, who is known for his restaurants Demo and Finnjävel, among others.
Ensitreffit alttarilla
starts 10 October, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
On the tenth season of the beloved Ensitreffit alttarilla program, six single people put their life and heart on the line and say “I do” on the altar to complete strangers chosen by experts. Three married couples made up of total strangers will have to face the ups and downs of relationships in a short amount of time when after the wedding bliss they start to see if they are really made for one another. In the service of love, we will again see the familiar judge trio from last season: the show’s veteran vicar Kari Kanala, solution-focused therapist Hanna Myllymaa and sexual therapist (NACS) Tapani Alanen.


Uskomattomat ympäristörikokset
starts 17 August, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Environmental crimes are the third largest criminal sector in the world after crimes related to firearms and drugs. It’s a branch of criminality that is organized and professional and operates on a massive scale: according to an Interpol estimate, environmental crimes produce a profit of around 110–281 billion dollars every year. In Finland, the number of environmental crimes reached a record-breaking high in the 2020s. The series uses four environmental crime cases to discuss a phenomenon that affects all of Finland in which companies with several problems have often sought financial gain with negligent methods that destroy the environment.
starts 14 September, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Jari Sillanpää is a praised and beloved tango king who veered into the deep end of a life of drugs. This four-part documentary series finds out what happened to the Jari loved by all Finns, and why. Siltsu is a story of rocket-like journey into fame and its dark sides.
later in the fall, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Linda tells the story of a talented and skilled violinist whose life is accompanied by conflicts. Self-loathing and a sense of inadequacy never pushed down her desire to perform, succeed or take to the stage. Linda Lampenius was a kind straight-A student who wanted to please others and started touring the world with her violin at only eight years old. Later, she ended up doing bold and even unconventional things – but always on her own terms. The documentary describes a musician who has received and achieved a lot but also paid a high price for it. Being open and sincere has backfired on her again and again, leaving deep wounds. But even after all this, nothing beats the desire to be heard and listened to.
Matti Nykänen – Elämä on laiffii
later in the fall, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
This documentary series dives deep into the most significant turning points of the all-time ski jumping hero and super celebrity Matti Nykänen, all the way from the early days of his career until his dramatic death in 2019. The series includes startling and previously unpublished material from along Matti’s life and encounters with people who truly knew Matti and know what kind of a man he was behind all the publicity. This six-part series is directed by the Golden Venla award winning Sami Kieksi.
Mun maailma
later in the fall, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Awarded with seven Golden Venlas, documentarist and explorer Arman Alizad has for the past 15 years brought global diversity, different cultures, religions and communities closer to viewers. Now it is time to shine the spotlight on Finnish youth. The Mun maailma series consists of video journals shot by the protagonists and follow-up materials that are intertwined with events taking place in the main characters’ lives. Arman has grown up between two cultures, and he feels it’s important to hear the experiences of this generation’s youth. The series discusses diversity and adjustment, pressure and the need for acceptance, loneliness and love as well as finding yourself on the threshold of adulthood.
later in the fall, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Veitola.doc is a documentary series in which journalist Maria Veitola dives into the topics we are all talking or even arguing about. Hosted and directed by Veitola, this documentary series gives voice to those whose everyday life consists of the phenomena of newspaper headlines. Also on the second season of the series, Veitola brings out the reality and life experienced by the main characters in as genuine way as possible, without glossing it over and always putting herself out there.


starts 29 August, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Aarrepaja’s doors are open again! It’s once again time to put beloved and memorable items worn out by time and now in poor condition on a pedestal and restore them to the former glory they deserve. Items to be restored on Aarrepaja’s second season include a jukebox, a 200-year-old clock, KISS action figures that actually play music and war correspondence that the owners want to preserve so it can be read by future generations. The series will again be hosted by the amiable and sunny lady of Aarrepaja, Jenni Pääskysaari.
Grand Designs Suomi
starts 20 September, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
On the series’ second season, the Finnish architecture and living show Grand Designs Suomi will again follow the execution of bold constructors’ house projects from the drawing board to dream homes. The series presents unique house construction projects all the way from the Turku archipelago in the Baltic Sea to Lake Kilpisjärvi in Lapland. Building your own home is a dream shared by many, and it takes a certain amount of knowledge, will, vision – and a good pinch of craziness. Architect Samppa Lappalainen takes us on a journey through the eventful process of building a house with all its joys and struggles.
later in the fall, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The world’s smartest competition reality Myyrä returns to MTV with its four-season episodes. In the show, 11 celebrity personalities embark on an unforeseen adventure with host Roope Salminen in the lead. In Myyrä, eliminations don’t work through voting but, instead, in the end of each episode the contestant complete a test in which they are asked questions related to the “Mole”, or Myyrä. The contestant who has no idea of Myyrä’s identity is eliminated. The fewer contestants there are left, the more suspicions are roused between them, and the more difficult it is for the Mole to continue their scheming without getting caught. The contestants include actors, musicians, athletes, faces familiar from the television and social media stars.
Koko Suomi leipoo
later in the fall, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
It’s lucky days for sweet tooths and chocoholics as Finland will bake again with Koko Suomi leipoo! A new batch of home bakers will do their best at the Backby Manor with international but also more local treats. Can more be too much, and whose wink will make the judges go sour? Will cream curdle in the summer heat, or will this be a piece of cake? It will be exciting to see as the Star Baker will get more than just a yellow apron. This season, the cakes are getting even bigger! Anne Kukkohovi continues as the show’s host, and pastry chef Juliana Hokkanen will join Markus Hurskainen in the judge’s panel.
The Harlins
later in the fall, MTV Katsomo
Renny Harlin’s significant assignment as the director of three The Strangers movies takes the new Harlin family to Bratislava. Baby Coco travels with her parents everywhere, but what is life with a newborn baby like on the film set and in the shooting conditions of Bratislava? Renny and Johanna have just settled in their Miami home and enjoy life with their newborn when the next project again takes them to new continents. Will an outgoing lifestyle match future’s family plans? The dream of a summerhouse in Tammio, Finland is taking a step forward – will dreams come true by Midsummer?
Sometähtien sinkkuelämää
later in the fall, MTV Katsomo
Famous celebrity singles will set out on the search for love and record their dating with their diary camera throughout the summer on the second season of the series. We’re in for a colorful, eventful and intimate look into the pressures created by the celebrity status on the singles market and a summery whirlwind of emotions with their ups and downs.


later in the fall, C More
This fall’s most expected drama series tells the story of the tragic marine accident of car ferry M/S Estonia that shook the world in the fall of 1994. Through the touching personal stories of victims, those who were rescued, their loved ones and investigators, this eight-part series studies how it was possible that 852 people lost their lives without anyone being responsible. Created by Miikko Oikkonen and directed by Måns Månsson and Juuso Syrjä, this grand-scale drama honors the past and discusses survival, self-sacrifice, responsibility and the search for truth. It takes viewers right into the middle of the events and gives voice to those who can no longer tell their story.
Salatut elämät
starts 7 August, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
The forever favorite Salatut elämät returns in August after a summer break. It’s said that the truth will set you free, but in the case of Salatut Elämät, it will only wreak havoc. Relationship troubles and co-dependency will be on offer but true love can’t seem to take root on the stones of Pihlajakatu. When a delicate heart opens, their beloved is brutally stripped away. The Laitela family doesn’t have enough rooms for all, and it’s not all fun and family dinners at the Sievinen residence, either. The Taalasmaa bunch have enough conflicts to go around. Who is coming back, who is running away, who is getting locked up?
Maria Kallio
starts 17 August, C More
Based on Leena Lehtolainen’s crime fiction, Maria Kallio gets a long-awaited new season. On the second season of this C More original series, Maria Kallio (Elena Leeve) is returning to work after her maternity leave. Koivu (Leo Sjöman) is conflicted about Maria’s return as he feels left out from the major events in Maria’s life. Koivu falls head over heels with Anu Wallin (Seidi Haarla) who starts as an investigator, which makes Maria feel like an outsider. During the season, the entire police district is faced with a great tragedy.
later in the fall, C More
The C More original series Onnela will continue with its fifth-season episodes. Saara (Elena Leeve) is struggling with her career and Antti (Eero Ritala) is his insecure self, not always understanding his wife’s needs. The balance of Mette (Anna-Maija Tuokko) and Markus’s (Max Forsman) relationship is put to the test when Mette sets up a beauty salon with her friend Kristiina (Saara Kotkaniemi).
later in the fall, C More
On the fourth season of the C More original series Aallonmurtaja, the bad deeds of mothers will be paid for by the second generation. The criminal business of the Aaltonen family is run by mother Tuula (Maria Ylipää) while father Upi (Turkka Mastomäki) is in prison. Tuula is a tough boss who demands at least as much respect as men. When she doesn’t get it, angry Tuula makes a deadly serious mistake. Children Luke (Aleksi Kaukamo) and Inari (Sara Pehrsson) want to leave their family’s dark legacy behind but they are dragged into international human trafficking and drug business in their mother’s wake. The Aaltonen family is facing off a Baltic criminal league run by a woman who might be even tougher than Tuula. The women clash, risking their lives, but how much is Tuula willing to sacrifice?


Huomenta Suomi and Viiden jälkeen
Starts 19 August and 14 August, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
As of August, the news day will be full when the Huomenta Suomi morning program returns to earlier broadcast times and Viiden jälkeen current affairs show returns to the late afternoon. Huomenta Suomi provides background for the twists and turns of politics in Finland and abroad, gives the hottest takes and interviews the most interesting people. Every half an hour, it provides a look of the news, weather and sports. Viiden jälkeen continues in its familiar slot at 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday. The show will dive into the hottest current topics, the most talked-about phenomena and the most interesting people .
in September, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Continuing in September, Rikospaikka is the only weekly current affairs show in Finland focused on crime, and it’s hosted by experienced crime reporters Pekka Lehtinen and Tiia Palmén. Rikospaikka explores the most recent criminal cases through crime scenes and studio interviews. In addition, you will also learn about old criminal cases and their investigation processes. Different kinds of crimes from murder to cyber cases and break-ins to organized crimes are discussed widely from different perspectives.
Asian ytimessä
in September, MTV Katsomo and MTV3
Asian ytimessä raises the week’s most important topics and serves up topical interviews and stories behind news. This hour-long live broadcast from the MTV news studio is hosted by Jaakko Loikkanen who will be returning to lead the show in the fall.


MTV3 Liiga ice hockey games will be followed once a week on MTV Sub or MTV3 starting in September. Each WRC Rally’s Power Stages and rally studios will also be seen on MTV3.
MTV Sub MTV Sub will broadcast, for example, the first day of the Diamond League final (16 September), a Mestis ice hockey game once a month (season will start on 21 September) and an NFL game once a month starting in September. As of October, you can enjoy a nail-biting NHL game once a week.
C More C More’s sports offering will include football’s Champions’ League, La Liga, Serie A, ice hockey’s Swiss League and SHL, WTA tennis and a wide selection of motor sports, such as the European Rally Championship and the rallycross and motocross World Championship Series.